Seattle Helicopter Tours

Seattle helicopter tours arguably offer the very best views of the Emerald City and its environs. While zooming around on high, tour guests can see the entire area unfolding below, and it is a terrific mix of skyscrapers, waterways, and mountains. You might go as far as to award the Seattle area with having the very best scenery in all of Washington State, and taking it all in from a helicopter definitely puts an interesting perspective on things.

Seattle helicopter tours, or helitours, as they are commonly known, come in two main forms. There are tours that have pre-arranged itineraries and tours that allow guests to arrange specialized excursions. Either way, it is common to find yourself zooming along the downtown waterfront at some point on Seattle helicopter tours. Flying in for that perfect shot of the Space Needle is also bound to be part of the plan.

The pre-arranged helitours in Seattle tend to last between 20 and 40 minutes. In addition to highlighting the Space Needle, they put the focus on such things as the downtown sports stadiums, Lake Washington, the University of Washington, and Fisherman’s Terminal. Other possible itinerary highlights might include such things as Snoqualmie Falls, downtown Bellevue, the Golden Gardens, and the attractive homes in Medina. On no other Seattle area tour will you have the chance to see so much in so little time, and therein lies much of the allure.

Seattle helicopter tours aren’t exactly cheap, but since there are plenty of options, you can compare and contrast prices accordingly. Some tours are more affordable than others. Regardless of the tour in question, the fee is likely to be very reasonable considering the experience. In fact, chances are good that a helitour will be among the main highlights of your Seattle vacation, if not the main highlight. One thing is for sure. The experience is hard to forget.

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