Seattle Vacations

When it comes to Seattle vacations, travelers who are best prepared will be rewarded. This city is so full of attractions, shopping, and dining that you will want to maximize each of the days of your vacation. If this is your first time to Seattle, you will of course want to hit the big attractions such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Seattle Waterfront. However, to really get a full experience of Seattle, you will want to explore different neighborhoods, visit local parks, and definitely get out on the water for a ferry ride or a kayaking adventure. Once you discover all there is to do in Seattle, you might think of making your vacation a few days longer!

The first step for travel to Seattle is booking a flight. If you’re looking for the best possible airfare, there are a few strategies to utilize. First of all, understanding the local weather will help you to find the best fares. The summer is the most popular tourist season in Seattle, as these months coincide with sunny weather and a busy festival season. Prices will be higher during this time, but you can find decent fares by booking in advance. If you’re willing to travel in winter, you can find incredible deals on airfare and hotels too. Some travelers also look for Seattle vacation packages that combine the cost of hotels and airfare into one. Seattle is not one of the large cities with multiple airport options, so it might take a little more creativity than flying to a place such as Los Angeles, where you can choose among several airports.

The next step for Seattle vacations is choosing accommodation. Every traveler will choose their own path, but popular choices include feeling like a local by opting for vacation rentals or booking a suite with the best view in town at waterfront hotels. Some visitors opt for luxury hotels or boutique hotels, while others choose budget options in Downtown Seattle thinking that they won’t be spending much time in the hotel anyway. If you’re planning a special trip to Seattle, the waterfront suites at the Edgewater Hotel are worthy of a special occasion. Along with the Inn at the Market, the Edgewater is one of the most beautiful and most memorable places to stay in the city, with beautiful views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains.

After the basics are taken care of, then you can start planning for the fun stuff. When you travel to Seattle, days can be spent kayaking on Lake Washington, learning about ‘60s rock at the Experience Music Project, or gazing at the many incredible creatures at the Woodland Park Zoo. Seattle is a great place for couples, with its range of fine dining and nightlife, but is also perfect for families. Kids will love the opportunity to watch a game of football at Qwest Field or spend hours and hours in the famous aquarium. Some families find choosing a rental car is beneficial, while others love using public transportation, and the city buses have a “free ride zone” that operates during the day in downtown Seattle.

With all the money you could save on Seattle vacation packages, the list of things to do is endless. To outdoor enthusiasts, Seattle vacations wouldn’t be complete without exploring local parks, such as undisturbed Seward Park or Kerry Park with its unbelievable views of the Seattle skyline. To others, travel to Seattle means days spent at art museums, concerts, or spas. No matter what type of traveler you are, from luxury to budget, family or romance, this city will keep you occupied day and night. If you don’t think a trip the Pacific Northwest is within your budget, give Seattle vacation packages a try, and you might be on the ground in Seattle before you know it!

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