Woodland Park Zoo

For over 100 years, the Woodland Park Zoo has been a famous part of the Emerald City and strolling through its acres of beautiful exhibits is considered one of the best Seattle activities.

Supporting conservation and education, this Seattle zoo also participates in animal rescue and efforts towards rehabilitating and rescuing endangered species. Set in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle, near Green Lake and Fremont, the Zoo is part of Woodland Park. The area that was split up into Woodland Park and the Woodland Park Zoo once covered an area of 188 acres. A Boston firm called the Olmstead Brothers then began the process of designing the new public Seattle parks.

A short drive north from downtown Seattle, the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle is considered one of the best on the globe. It is filled with authentic habitat that allows the animal to have the most comfort and a pleasant setting for them to live. Woodland Park and the Seattle Zoo are both open daily. The park is free but the there is an entrance fee for the zoo.

At the Woodland Park Zoo, you need to spend at least four to six hours to fully take in all the exhibits and displays. Over one million visitors visit the Seattle Zoo every year. There are over 300 animals on display, and there are over 65 acres of excellent naturalistic exhibits and habitat recreations. Snow leopards, wild dogs, giraffes, and hippos will awe you when you see them in their natural settings at the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle.

The Woodland Park Zoo hosts a number of fun events around holiday like the Bunny Bounce in the spring or the lavish annual themed benefit Jungle Party. Also, two Sumatran tiger cubs were born at the Zoo recently, part of a successful breeding program at the Woodland Park Zoo Seattle.

There is an African Savanna exhibit at the Seattle zoo that has a recreation of an African Village. Other award winning exhibits include the Tropical Rain Forest exhibit, the Elephant Forest, and the Northern Trail exhibit.

If you want to have an experience you won't find anywhere else in the country, a visit to the Woodland Park Zoo will impress and delight you. Adults are children alike love to come to the zoo again and again.

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