Suggested Itineraries for Washington

If you plan to head to Washington, you are in for a treat. Alpine lakes, striking volcanoes, towering Olympic Mountains, pine forests, and views of the Pacific Ocean await travelers, depending on where in the state they plan to be.

Suggested itineraries for Washington:

1-3 Days

If you will only be in Washington for a day or two, you will likely want to head for Seattle. From this city on the coast, you can see the ocean, go for a hike, nurse a coffee from the original Starbucks, and power down a microbrew from one of many excellent breweries.

4-7 Days

Your suggested itineraries for Washington with a little more time should also include a trip to Mt. Rainier or the Olympic Peninsula. You may even have time for both, depending on how well you organize your time. Either one makes for a memorable vacation, however. The incredible rainforest of the Olympics or the beauty of the snow capped peaks as you hike through trails at Mt. Rainier will not soon be forgotten.

7+ Days

With a week or more, your suggested itineraries for Washington can take an eastern flair. Rent a car and take Highway 2 East from Seattle toward Spokane and eastern Washington. Along the way, you’ll have a chance to see one of the prettiest stretches of highway in the Rockies, and end up in a town that is often referred to as a “big small town”.

Suggested itineraries for Seattle:

1-3 Days

As mentioned above, your suggested itineraries for Seattle should include a great cup of coffee or an excellent beer. With only a day or two to enjoy the city, you will want to head for Pike Place Market. Iconic to the city for its fresh seafood and lively crowds, Pike Place is situated right on the water and is a must-see if you have never been to Seattle. Next, hop on a bus or catch a cab to the Space Needle for one of the best views of the city and surrounding ocean you’ll find. You can even have dinner on top of the needle in a restaurant that rotates as you eat.

4-7 Days

With multiple days for your suggested itineraries for Seattle, you can expand your view of the city. You will have time to spend an afternoon at the Seattle Aquarium, tour the old town that is Pioneer Square, or take the famous Seattle Underground Tour.

7+ Days

If you expect to be in Seattle for multiple days, your Seattle trip planner should include at least one, if not multiple, trips to Mt. Rainier. Take the Paradise hike, which winds through shady trees and affords incredible views along the way. Reflection Lakes can also be found in the Mt. Rainier hills, and these alpine beauties never seem to disappoint. As mentioned above, you can also head even further west from Seattle to the Olympic Peninsula to camp and see the rainforest.

However you plan to spend your time in Washington or Seattle, you’ll find plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to suit every taste. No matter what you do and where you go, beauty awaits you around almost every corner.

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