Sun Mountain Lodge Washington

Sun Mountain Lodge Washington is one of the finest resorts in all of Washington State. Located in scenic Methow Valley in the northeast part of the state, Sun Mountain Lodge Washington offers all the amenities of a top luxury resort — spa facilities, fine rustic furnishings, a classic Western lounge, gourmet dining options — in the heart of a pristine mountain setting. Sun Mountain Lodge Washington can be a great place for a relaxing getaway, but with so many outdoor activities at hand — hiking, horseback riding, fly fishing, cross-country skiing, and sleigh riding, to name just a few — this luxury resort is best suited to people who want to enjoy the countryside, not just gaze at it.

Situated on the top of Mount Robinson near the Old West town of Winthrop Washington, almost every one of the 100 rooms at Sun Mountain Resort has remarkable panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. More than half the rooms have private fireplaces and all have authentic Western furnishings. Private lakeside cabins are available for visitors wanting an even more secluded getaway.

Local entrepreneur Jack Barron founded Sun Mountain Resort in 1968. It underwent massive reconstruction in the late 1980s after it was purchased by German investors and improvements have continued since, most recently with the renovation of the main lodge guest rooms. Since the early 1990s, Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop has held the highest AAA Four Diamond ratings for both Sun Mountain Resort and its dining facilities: the only resort in Washington State to hold such lofty rankings. The dining ranking was bolstered by the addition of a 5,000-bottle wine cellar in 1998. Sun Mountain Resort is the lodestar of Methow Valley lodging.

Visits to Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop focus on resting the mind and exercising the body. Sun Mountain Resort was the first destination cross-country resort. It now has over 60 miles of private trails connected to the more than 200-mile Methow Valley trail system. Ski rentals, lessons, and a ski shop are all on-site. Trails are also available for snowshoeing and sleigh riding.

In the summer, these same trails become paths for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Guides are available for all outdoor activities at Sun Mountain Lodge Winthrop.

Fishing is the most popular summer activity in the Methow Valley. Sun Mountain Lodge Washington has a fully stocked fly-fishing store and guides to take beginners or experts out for Methow River fishing. Trout season runs from June to September; the famous Methow Valley steelheads are caught between October and March. Sun Mountain Lodge also has a private lake open to guests.

After a day of fishing, hiking, or cross-country skiing, nothing feels better than a relaxing spa treatment. Sun Mountain Lodge's top-rated spa is open 8 am to 8 pm daily. It provides a range of massage treatments, soakings, and other wellness treatments.

A stay at Sun Mountain Lodge Washington is a splurge. Rooms usually start at around $200 a night, cabins at about $300. Check online sites and the Sun Mountain Resort reservation site for deals. Off-season (spring and fall) midweek prices can drop to about $85 a night. Most services, including fishing guides, spa treatments, and cross-country passes, cost extra.

Sun Mountain Lodge provides the best in Winthrop Washington lodging: a luxury resort with superb views and easy access to the outdoor activities of the Methow Valley.

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