As varied as the terrain, transportation in Washington State is diverse, so that you can explore all parts of the state in whatever form of travel you wish. There are tons of scenic byways so that using a car for Washington travel is a great way to have convenience and get up close to the sights you want to see. Be sure to get a Washington state map, some are specialized and list scenic byways for you to travel with your vehicle on.

Washington Travel by Car

The mountain ranges in Washington State can make driving a hazard, especially in the winter, so keep in mind the time of year you"re deciding when to go. You can get a free official Washington State map and traveler information from the Washington State Department of Transportation. Elevation changes, snow, and narrow roads are things to consider if you want to explore the state parks in a private vehicle. The Washington Metro is the bus system in and around King County; it has service through King and the surrounding counties. Below is contact info for the Department of Transportation and the Washington Metro.

Call the mountain pass report for information on road closures.

Washington State Department of Transportation

Mountain Pass Report October 15 to April 15 (206) 368-4499 - (800) 695-7623 TTD (800) 833-6388 - (206) 440-4040 Washington Metro/ King County Metro (206) 553-3000

Washington Travel by Train

Amtrak stops at all the major cities in the Northwest, like Portland and Seattle. A number of smaller companies have passenger trains that have north to south and east to west Washington travel.

Washington Travel by Plane

The following cities in Washington State have airports, so you can save yourself the hassle of renting a car or taking a bus by flying directly to the area you wish to visit during your Washington travel. Seaplanes, private charters and major airports are all options you have available to you when you go with this option.

Cities and regions that have airports are:

Washington Travel by Water

The ferry system is affordable and convenient, allowing you to travel with your car or as a passenger on the Washington State ferry. These comfortable vessels have great views as they cross Puget Sound, and some are on it just for the scenic ride. A few tips will help you make the most of your ferry experience. Arrive 30 to 60 minutes before departure in the summer to avoid a long wait. Try not to drive here; passengers who are not in a car do not have to wait for the next empty ferry. It can be cold on the outside decks, so if you want to enjoy the views, bring a jacket. You can bring a pet, but they are only allowed on the car deck. You can bring you own lunch, or enjoy beverages, snacks, or light meals in the ferry café.

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