Freestone Inn And Cabins, Twisp

Freestone Inn And Cabins

31 Early Winters Drive

In the early 1940's a local rancher and packer named Jack Wilson built six cabins along the banks of a local creek. Calling his new venture the Early Winter Resort, Wilson created not only one of the hardest to reach businesses in North America but also a piece of local legend. As word of Jack's hospitality and the spectacular beauty of the upper Methow Valley spread, his hunting, fishing and back country tours achieved a glowing reputation. So much so, that by the mid-60's people were coming from all over the world to visit Jack and indulge in the area's extraordinary allure. While some of those visitors may have thought the word "resort" was rather grand for six simple cabins, Jack's dreams were much larger. Once the highway opened and more people began visiting the area Jack planned to build a facility that would live up to the scale of the natural surroundings. Today, the Freestone Inn, Lakeside Lodges, and Early Winter Cabins keep that spirit alive. Renowned for their year-round comfort and appeal, the Inn, Cabins and Lodges exceed even Jack's imagination and provide the perfect get-away for not only the avid outdoors person, but also those who want nothing more than to simply relax.The Freestone Inn accommodates 21 rooms, a library, conference room and a three story great room with stone fireplace. Our restaurant is located in the great room and serves breakfast and dinner. The 15 Early Winter Cabins are tucked away in a forested area to the southwest of the Freestone Inn and range in size from a quaint studio to a roomy two bedroom cabin with kitchenettes. The Lakeside Lodges overlook our catch and release fly fishing lake. The Lakeside Lodges range in size from a single story two bedroom to a two story three bedroom house.