Vacation Rentals in Washington State

When you envision the dramatic mountains, expansive lakes, and empty hiking trails of Washington state, what kind of accommodation accompanies that dream? Many experienced travelers would say vacation rentals. While mountain resorts and spa retreats all have their positive qualities, vacation rentals in Washington state provide that home away from home feeling. You will have the convenience of extra amenities such as a private kitchen and laundry facilities. Everyone in your family will have extra space to spread out. And perhaps most importantly, many rentals are located in isolated places where you can soak up the great outdoors.

One of the most popular options in the state is Lake Chelan vacation rentals. Families looking for a wonderful outdoor vacation full of hiking, biking, fishing, and water sports will love the environment of Lake Chelan. Chelan is located in Central Washington, just east of Wenatchee National Forest, and it’s a popular vacation spot for its natural beauty and range of activities, but narrowing down options for Lake Chelan vacation rentals won’t be as easy as choosing the location. Different rentals will offer hot tubs, fireplaces, an outdoor barbeque area, and more. Depending on your budget and preferences you will able to find the perfect vacation rental right on the shores of the lake.

This is just the first of many options for vacation rentals in Washington state. Whether you want a waterfront property in the San Juan Islands or a cozy cottage to explore wine country in Walla Walla, there is a vacation rental for you. Not only do vacation rentals offer excellent value and amenities, but they are also a great way for groups to travel together. Planning a family reunion in the Cascade Mountains? There’s no better way for your family to spend quality time together than with a vacation rental. You can spend your day mountain climbing, fishing, and hiking, and return to a comfortable rental at the end of the day.

Another of the most desirable areas for vacation rentals in Washington state is the Puget Sound. From Olympia to Whidbey Island to Hood Canal you will find rentals that offer way more than just gorgeous views. Some visitors choose a vacation rental by how close it is to the Seattle Airport. If you’re planning on renting a car, choose a maximum time or distance that you want to travel to reach your vacation rental. This might help you to narrow the scope of your search within beautiful Washington state. With all the money you save on choosing a vacation rental over a hotel, you might have extra to spend on fun activities such as whale watching tours or kayaking excursions.

Whether you choose Lake Chelan vacation rentals or San Juan Islands rentals, they are guaranteed to have one thing in common: incredible scenery. Be sure to bring your camera, pack along comfortable walking shoes, and get ready to explore. On the Olympic Peninsula you will discover the landscape where the popular book series Twilight is set. After a day spent hiking, you won’t want to return to a crowded hotel room. Instead choose a vacation rental with a fireplace and a hot tub where you can relax and get ready for another day of adventure to follow.

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