Washington State Fishing

Washington State fishing is as varied as its many waterways. Washington State fishing ranges from offshore angling for halibut to warm water catches of bass and catfish to eastern Washington fly fishing for steelhead and other trout. Washington State fishing can be done in the ocean, on lakes, and along the many inland rivers.

Washington State has hundreds of miles of Pacific coastline. Along the surf of the Olympic Peninsula, sportsmen can catch sea perch. Cod and other fish can also be caught along the coast. For halibut and salmon fishing Washington State’s coastal waters are as good as any in the United States.

Eastern Washington fly fishing is some of the best in the country. Eastern Washington fishing is so good because of the cold clean waters of the Columbia River and its tributaries. Rainbow trout and other favored fish species thrive in these waterways.

For salmon fishing Washington State’s majestic Columbia River is a good bet. On the streams of Washington fly fishing is the best way to catch salmon. Other species caught in the Columbia include sturgeon, walleye, shad, smelt, and trout.

The majestic Columbia is also a great place for steelhead, one of the world’s most prized game fish. Steelheads are rainbow trout that have adapted to salt water life, then returned to freshwater. Eastern Washington fly fishing has become famous for its steelheads. Steelhead season generally runs through the winter months.

The Methow Valley is one of the best sites for eastern Washington fishing. Methow Valley fishing is ideal for steelhead (from October to March) and for rainbow, brown, brook, and other freshwater trout (from June to September). Sun Mountain Lodge and other Methow Valley resorts offer packages including fly-fishing guides.

Trout love the cold rocky streams of eastern Washington. Other species prefer the warm waters of the lakes. Eastern Washington fishing on the lakes yields such species as bass, catfish, crappie, lake trout, and blue gill.

A Washington State fishing license is required for both residents and visitors alike. Contact the Washington State Department of Wildlife in Olympia Washington for information regarding fishing rules and regulations, current license fees, and fishing seasons.

Whether for eastern Washington fly fishing or ocean salmon fishing Washington State has great angling opportunities for all types of fish species.

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