Washington State Vacation

If you love the outdoors, mountains, and the ocean, then you will love Washington State. A great deal of Washington State tourism is focused on the natural beauty of this state. From skiing in the Cascades to touring the wineries of Columbia Valley to playing in the sand at Ocean Shores, a Washington State vacation gives you all the variety and breathing room you need to enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip.

While most of the top sights to see attractions in Washington State are outdoors or include outdoor activities, there is no lack of city fun to spice up your Washington State vacation. The city of Seattle is a major stop for tourist, many who come here to visit the historic Pike Place Market. There is world-class shopping, and excellent shows, plays and symphony performances. The Space Needle is always a favorite with visitors as well, but you might want to go beyond the areas worn thin by Washington State tourism and explore neighborhoods like Ballard or Greenlake to get a taste for day to day city life.

Seattle is a great starting point for trips to the San Juan Islands, which are accessible via the Washington State Ferries or the Victoria Clipper. Here, in the sheltered waterways of the Pacific Northwest, is where you can find a calm and idyllic island way of life. You can enjoy a scenic cruise of the main islands, or just whale watch from the shore. No matter what you like to do, you will love visiting these islands.

Two famous mountains make their home in Washington State; Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. Mount St Helens has experienced a great deal of recent activity, so the levels of Washington State tourism and visitor activity has risen. Every so often, the clouds will move aside and you"ll be able to see the snow covered peak of Mt Rainier from hundreds of miles away. This mountain is not well-developed, so unless you have a tour planned, you are on your own if you want to make a visit to Mount Rainier part of your Washington State vacation.

Another part of Washington State that sees a lot of visitors is the area in the Cascades. A number of the top ski resorts are in this area. Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie, Crystal Mountain and Mount Baker are the top ski destinations in the area. Washington vacation rentals are popular with visitors to the ski resorts, who want someplace convenient and easy to get to, which is far from the oft-crowded ski areas. Set in a farmhouse or a mountain cabin, Washington vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes. If you love the countryside, you can rent a cabin for the weekend and enjoy the environment at your own pace. No matter what sort of activity you enjoy, there are many Washington vacation rentals which are available to suit you perfectly.

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