Washington Zoos and Aquariums

Like the rest of the lovely outdoor areas of Washington State, the Seattle Zoo, city parks, and aquariums of this state reflect the biological diversity of the Pacific Northwest and showcase exotic animals from distant countries.

Some of the most incredible displays and exhibits in the country can be found at the Woodland Park Zoo. It has a world-class reputation for naturalistic exhibits. Ranging from giraffes to exotic spiders, you can discover 300 types of animals at the Woodland Park Zoo. Together with the Seattle Aquarium and the Point Defiance Zoo, the Woodland Park Zoo gives the Puget Sound region a reputation for seeing a large amount of wildlife. Set within one of the oldest Seattle Parks, the Seattle Zoo is a great way to spend a sunny day in Seattle.

Well known as for its beautiful setting and incredible exhibits, the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma enjoys a reputation of being one of the best Zoos in the entire US. Spread out over 26 acres, you can experience the thrill of seeing marine mammals such as polar bears and Beluga Whales. The Point Defiance Zoo also has displays of animals native to the area, which is a totally different experience from the South Pacific Aquarium, which is filled with tropical fish. Reptiles, sharks, and other animals you"d be scared to encounter in real life can be enjoyed in the safe environment at this Zoo and aquarium.

Lesser known than the Seattle Zoo but just as worth of mention is the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park in Eatonville. Here you can see animals wandering freely in native habitat. Wolves and other endangered species make their home here. This park is well known for providing fun, educational, and scenic outdoor experiences. There are a number of programs and specials exhibits you won"t find at most Seattle Parks, so the drive here is worth the extra time.

The Seattle Aquarium is located on the waterfront of Seattle, so this is an appropriate setting for seeing marine life. The Seattle Aquarium features animals of the region, as well as fish and aquatic creatures such as sharks and string rays from other exotic locations.

You can see and learn more about an animal that is native to the Pacific Northwest. In Issaquah, the Cougar Mountain Zoo showcases protected species. Other places to see endangered or exotic animals are Wolf Haven in Tenino, and in Spokane there is Cat Tales, a sanctuary for big cats. If you"ve come to see wildlife and nature on your Washington State vacation, a visit to Seattle Parks, and the Zoos of Washington State, and aquariums will bring you up close to the most beautiful sights in the area.

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