Washington State Weather

If you’re planning a trip to Washington state, you might be wondering about the weather. This state in the Pacific Northwest might be known for rain and gray skies, but there are significant fluctuations throughout the year. The months known for the sunniest Washington State weather are July and August. Outside of these months, don’t be surprised if your Washington state forecast calls for rain.

Fall: The fall season delivers some of the best Washington State weather. Skies are often clear and sunshine will accompany your visit. In September some warmer summer temperatures might remain, but you should still bring a jacket for cool, breezy evenings. Expect significant temperature drops in October and November, but ski season has yet to begin.

Winter: Starting in October, the rainy season begins and stretches across the entire winter. If you visit during the winter months, the Washington State forecast will often call for rain. The good news is, the amount of rain usually isn’t significant. Light showers are the norm here. Seattle and Washington State do experience temperatures below freezing in the winter, bringing flurries to the city and great ski conditions to the mountains.

Spring: A common misconception is that Washington state weather clears up in the spring. The truth is, the rainy season here lasts until the beginning of July. Temperatures do warm up, although cool ocean breezes can make it feel chillier than a thermometer might suggest. Always pack layers to survive the changing Washington weather.

Summer: During the months of July and August, the Washington State forecast often calls for day after day of sunshine. Days can get downright hot, especially in Eastern Washington, while nights are usually pleasantly cool and call for a light sweater or jacket. This weather coincides with the most popular time for tourists to visit Washington State.

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