Washington State Tourism

With all the natural wonders you will discover with a Washington state vacation, recreational activity and tourism is affected by the climate and weather conditions. Washington hiking can turn into a nightmare with a sudden storm whether you're in the Cascades, approaching the summit of Mount Rainier, or in the Olympic National Park.

The best time to commence a Washington state vacation is largely dependent on the sort of activities you are planning to do when you get here. Skiing and the resort season begins on November and continues until sometime in spring. In the mountains of Washington State Parks, the season to have the optimal conditions for the best Washington hiking can last as late as early fall.

Hunters head to the mountains and usually hunt elk and deer in the fall, while bird hunters will go to the lower elevations to find their game. Visitors from hot desert areas such as the southwest will enjoy the cool climate of the Cascades and the Olympic National Park Washington.

Ride the Washington State Ferry west to cross the Puget Sound, where the weather is strongly influenced by the waterways and proximity to the coast, maintaining a consistently mild climate that is comfortable to be outside in all year round. Compared to other place at this northern latitude, this climate is very agreeable and suitable for Washington state travel. The seasonal changes are less dramatic due to the influence of the Pacific Ocean, but the varied terrain in the state make it so there are dramatic changes in climate over short distances, adding to this area"s reputation for great Washington State hiking.

You can access the Olympic National Park Washington and other Washington State parks by taking a ride on the Washington State Ferry, most of which originate in Seattle. Other factors such as the time of year are taken into account if you are here for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, hunting wild game, or enjoying Washington state hiking. If you are in Washington for the annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show, you will want to arrive in the first week of February. The 90,000 attendees of this popular event don't have to worry about the weather, since it is held inside the convention center downtown.

As you can see, any time of year is a good time for a Washington state vacation. Depending on the sort of activity you enjoy and what you"re hoping to see, knowing about the seasons and the climate can help make the most of Washington state parks and enable the best experience during your visit here.

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