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If you don't live within driving distance of West Virginia but are keen on a visit, you'll have to find suitable flights to West Virginia for the entire family or traveling group. Before you book your West Virginia flight, you'll want to have a fairly solid plan of where your state travels will take you. Depending on what time of year you're planning on traveling, you can find cheap airfare to West Virginia flying to a few different areas of the region. Wheeling lies in the northern tip of the state and has a few different attractions worth checking out. The main attraction in Wheeling is Capitol Music Hall, exhibiting a century-long period of talented music stars.

Yeager Airport is the main airport located in the state capital of Charleston. Charleston is also a great place to start off a holiday and often exhibits some of the best deals and cheap flights to West Virginia. One of the things to always consider is when to go, if you have the option. Since West Virginia showcases four distinct seasons, you may have a preference as to which activities and attractions are most accessible and when. Flights to West Virginia are priced differently throughout the year and based on the flow of traffic coming into the state.

Summer is the most popular time to travel to West Virginia. West Virginia rafting is a huge draw for adventure tourists as are the host of West Virginia campgrounds, state parks and national forests. West Virginia vacations at Summersville Lake are also a very popular way to spend some time off. Since driving between cities is relatively easy and short, exploring a number of attractive areas is easily possible during a summer trip. This is also the time of year when kids are off school and many people do take vacations. This isn't to say that you won't find cheap airfare to West Virginia, because that's entirely possible, but you may have to look a little harder and act a little faster.

A West Virginia flight into Morgantown is also a possibility depending on where you're flying in from. Morgantown sits just south east of Wheeling and only three hours from charming Harpers Ferry National Park. On the way you'll pass Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs, two great areas to spend an afternoon or more in. Berkeley Springs is also well known for being home to a large number of West Virginia golf courses. If you're flying in from other US locations, you may find a really great priced West Virginia flight to suit your travel times.

If you're booking flights to West Virginia, you may want to consider lumping in your transportation to create a more affordable package. Driving around the state is one of the best ways to explore and allows you a freedom you otherwise wouldn't enjoy. If you're booking flights to West Virginia to enjoy a beautiful autumn trip, when the colors are at their most vibrant, do avoid Thanksgiving unless you're specifically traveling to visit family. Thanksgiving is another expensive time to fly. Because so many flights are guaranteed at this very busy time of year to fly anywhere in the US, it's much harder to find cheap airfare to West Virginia.

Cheap flights to West Virginia can also be found in the winter months. With the state receiving such a massive amount of snow each year, West Virginia skiing is a major attraction. Canaan Valley, Timberline and Snowshoe ski resorts are packed with people hitting the slopes. If you try to avoid booking flights to West Virginia at Christmas Break, you should be able to find affordable tickets without many problems. On of the cheapest times of year to book a West Virginia flight is in the weeks following the first of the year. Once the reality of the expense of Christmas hits people, they tend not to take any holidays for a month or two after if not longer. When you're looking for cheap flights to West Virginia, keep these few things in mind; avoid busy holidays, travel in the off-season if possible, try bundling your flights with other holiday amenities and be perseverant when searching for the right price.

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