Canaan Valley West Virginia

Shaped like a large, elongated bowl, Canaan Valley West Virginia is an extensive outdoor paradise, especially for skiing, and home to a portion of the Blackwater River. Canaan Valley State Park remains in much its natural state, drawing tourists from all around without the need of any major development. The wetlands scattered throughout Canaan Valley State Park are of significant value to the country and are a well-known research and educational areas. With the wetlands also come an unparalleled number of rare and fascinating wildlife and plants. The unique ecosystem supports life unlike any other climate would, providing lavish conditions where reptiles, fish, mammals, amphibians and plants thrive. The lush, natural environment remains the biggest appeal of Canaan Valley for tourists, and notably for bird-watchers, providing a wealth of things to do in every season.

In 1974 Canaan Valley West Virginia was nominated as a National Landmark for its one-of-a-kind environmental framework. With a towering base elevation of 3,100 feet, Canaan Valley Ski Resort is a one of the most popular in the Mid-Atlantic. Not only does the mountain valley offer some of the best and most beautiful scenery in West Virginia, there are almost forty ski slopes of varying difficulties for winter sports enthusiasts. From the plateau, the panoramic vista is unbeatable. Canaan Valley Ski Resort and Timberline Ski Resort both offer excellent opportunities for alpine skiing. Feel free to do some sledding, tubing, or cross-country skiing as well at Timberline. Rock climbing, hiking, wildlife viewing and fishing are other prevailing recreational pastimes. There are also a number of West Virginia campgrounds located throughout the Canaan Valley West Virginia as well which are bustling in the warmer months.

For those looking for an adventurous escape from the everyday, Canaan Valley is often the park of choice in West Virginia. The large number of excellent amenities make West Virginia vacations in Canaan Valley extremely popular. From campgrounds to cabins to lodges, there are many wonderful alternatives to traditional Canaan Valley hotels. These accommodation types offer an added way to enjoy the best nature has to offer in the park. The West Virginia golf course, built in Canaan Valley State Park near the time Canaan Valley Ski Resort was constructed, has also proved to be a big hit with visitors among the other amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, and numerous hiking trails.

For visitors planning on spending some time exploring the park there is more than twenty cottages and cabins to choose from as well as almost forty camp sites all with access to excellent bathing facilities. Cabins and cottages all include cozy fireplaces and full kitchens ideal for families. With a volleyball court, softball field, soccer field and large playground there's even more to enjoy for all ages. And if that isn't enough there is also a climbing wall, paint ball, a skate park and a tube ride. Canaan Valley West Virginia offers unsurpassed hospitality and amenities making it, unmistakably, one of the best West Virginia resorts in every season. With so many possibilities for any whim or wish, and a view that seems to go on forever, Canaan Valley State Park is an outdoor haven that indulges every itch and inclination.

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