Canaan Valley Hotels

Canaan Valley evokes all the culminating aspects of the outdoors prompting thousands to spend West Virginia vacations in the stunning valley setting. From weekend getaways to week-long holidays and more, Canaan Valley hotels and other types of accommodation provide plenty of choice for a diversity of needs. Whether you're looking for Canaan Valley lodging closer to the action or something further away privately tucked into the woods, you'll find many places suited to your plans.

Canaan Valley vacation rentals are popular for one and two week vacations, and longer for those fortunate to secure the time off! There are myriad Canaan Valley rentals to choose from in every shape, size and location. Mountain cabins with breathtaking valley views are a popular choice for Canaan Valley rentals. Imagine staying in a gracious and peaceful forest setting close to numerous adventurous possibilities and many relaxing ones too. Unlike Canaan Valley hotels, vacation rentals offer a more intimate atmosphere to enjoy your time off. Large fireplaces, rich furnishings, full kitchens and sweeping verandas are common features in many Canaan Valley rentals. The privacy factor is another appealing aspect for many travelers needing a quiet retreat.

There are a few different ways to find the perfect Canaan Valley lodging for you and your family. There are two real estate offices offering Canaan Valley vacation rentals. One is Canaan Valley Real Estate and the other is closer to the Timberline Ski Resort. Both offices are experienced in arranging lodging for West Virginia vacations. There are many possibilities to review over the internet as well but be sure to be cautious about proceeding with an unknown renter. There are a number of secure websites where owners can be contacted for more details about the Canaan valley rentals they're offering.

Rental prices range greatly providing a portal of variety for every budget. Visitors can choose from grandiose Canaan Valley rentals with features like hot tubs, free high speed internet, video libraries and plenty of square footage or for a more basic set-up at a lesser cost. With a host of rentals accommodating a large number of people, big families and groups have an easy time finding the perfect place to vacation. Most cabins, cottages and other Canaan Valley lodging are near a wealth of things to do. In the winter months West Virginia skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, West Virginia tours, hiking, wildlife viewing and many indoor activities keep visitors happy and occupied. The summer months are whirlwinds of activity with endless possibilities for fun.

Most Canaan Valley hotels tend to be set up as resorts, inns and lodges evoking the wilderness spirit Canaan Valley is famous for. There are also a few West Virginia bed and breakfasts in the region exuding a defining charm and warmth to weekend getaways and holidays. With Blackwater State Falls Park directly north, and two large recreation areas south of the valley, there is no limit to outdoor recreation.

If you haven't determined when to go, be sure to decide with enough time to make adequate reservations as peak seasons are very busy in the valley. Whether you're planning a white water rafting trip, a ski weekend, a camping trip or a West Virginia golf junket, you'll find there are many wonderful options for Canaan Valley vacation rentals and hotel suites for a memorable holiday experience.

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