Summersville West Virginia

Thirty years ago no one bothered too much with Summersville travel. Summersville West Virginia had little to offer visitors and was difficult to access with no main roads leading to it. There were very little things to do to keep entertained and though the surrounding scenery was untouched and beautiful it still didn't offer enough to draw crowds to the city. Summersville WV is situated in the center of Nicholas County and became much more accessible when US Highway 19 was expanded. This expansion allowed for transportation to move much more freely and easily and Summersville travel started blooming. Summersville hotels popped up throughout the city and dining and shopping possibilities expanded.

Within Summersville West Virginia, and ten miles surrounding it, there is a wealth of things to do more and more visitors are taking advantage of. With so much natural landscape in the area, outdoor activities are the most attractive options. Horseback riding, canoeing, caching, fishing, mountain biking and West Virginia rafting at nearby rivers are all possible outdoor endeavors. Caving, rock climbing and camping at West Virginia campgrounds in the area are also possibilities. In the winter months cross country skiing and snowmobiling can be pursued in the area but for West Virginia skiing you'll have to travel just over thirty miles to hit the slopes at Snowshoe, the nearest ski resort to Summersville WV.

One of the biggest events in Summersville West Virginia is the Potato Festival, held the weekend after Labor Day weekend. The celebration includes a potato cook-off, a classic car show and parade, a beauty pageant, arts and crafts, a 5K run and a reenactment of the events in history of the Battle of Carnifex Ferry. The festival is a great place to continue Civil War tours as the reenactors stage areas complete with Civil war camps. The camps are open on both Saturday and Sunday from 9am on.

The city is also well-known for the Summersville Dam West Virginia one of the highest on the east side of the Mississippi River. Back in the early 1990s a license was issued to the city in order for it to use energy supplied by the dam. At the Summersville Dam West Virginia developers invested more than 50 million for the Summersville Hydroelectric Project that sits on the edge of the Gauley River, a spot popular for white water rafting. The Summersville Dam West Virginia project was an important step forward toward more sustainable energy use and has proved to be a successful project since its inception.

Summersville Lake holds the biggest appeal and boasts an incredible array outdoor activities and wonderful accommodation choices. West Virginia cabins are available lakeside while West Virginia campgrounds on the premises are extremely well equipped and close to the beach and lake. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, boating and much more is available for all ages. The lake is a very social area popular with families on West Virginia vacations.

For fun day trips away from Summersville travel Highway 19 north to Morgantown or south to Beckley. To the west of Summersville West Virginia is Charleston which can is a fun city to spend a few days exploring. Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State park is another great place to visit while you're enjoying some time in charming Summersville WV.

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