Timberline Ski Resort

In West Virginia skiing takes the front seat in the winter months. Out of all the things to do in the state, skiing is the one activity that is most accommodated by the many excellent West Virginia resorts throughout the region. In Canaan Valley, where Timberline Ski Area is located, skiing is the number one winter pastime. Skiing is also top-notch at resorts like Snowshoe Ski Resort and Winterplace Ski Resort near Beckley. Aside from skiing, all of these recreational areas offer miles of cross country skiing, tubing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and more. Each boasts many wonderful amenities and a range of prices for accommodations and rentals.

Timberline Ski Resort is definitely a ski area to consider if you're planning West Virginia vacations in the wintertime. The Canaan Valley is one of the most breathtaking and exciting areas to visit in all of West Virginia. At Timberline ski enthusiasts are of a different ilk. The resort tends to attract skiers that don't fancy themselves as pros, and who like to stick together during a day out on the slopes. With thirty-six slopes to choose from, every level will find many suitable slopes.

Timberline Ski Resort also offers sledding and tubing areas for those who don't want to ski, or need a break from the Timberline ski hills. Cross country skiers can take advantage of the almost twenty miles of wide, easily accessible trails. Timberline Ski Area presides over the central Canaan Valley, providing stunning views of the surrounding area easily enjoyed without the typical crowds at Snowshoe or bigger ski resorts. Throughout the Timberline Ski Resort WV area, dense forests are tucked neatly into the beautiful mountains of West Virginia where a respite from the everyday awaits, insulated in quiet by mounds of powder. Timberline ski trips offer a fresh take and a unique style and character with an exclusive feel.

The small town of Davis, West Virginia, where Timberline Ski Resort WV is located, definitely exudes originality and appeal. The Davis strip is lined with numerous eclectic eateries and restaurants with plenty of Appalachian hospitality to savor. The local microbrewery offers a spot to relax and spend time with friends over a hand crafted brew after a day on the slopes. With tags like "quirky" and "quaint", Davis and Timberline Ski Resort WV, have both been labeled something of an uncommon resort with a host of added benefits you just won't find at ski resorts like Killington or Vail.

At Timberline ski trips may be the toppers on the list for some, but others enjoy the resort for its four season capabilities. West Virginia golf in the area is another favorite sport that continues to grow in popularity. These days Davis visionaries are working on creating methods of sustainable development for the area. With these plans will come more growth for the tourists sector as well. This means more accommodations, plenty more amenities and more exciting things to do. Mountain biking and hiking in the area offer a great way to see more of the stunning valley and mountains as well as wildlife and big, open sky.

With a multitude of choices in accommodation at Timberline Ski Resort WV, from cabins to lodges to West Virginia bed and breakfasts, every preference and need are accommodated. There are also plenty of Canaan Valley hotels to choose from throughout the year around the Timberline Ski Area. Copious specialty shops add a twist of fun in warmer months while stunning national forest and park completely surrounds the valley. Whether you visit Timberline Ski Resort in Spring, summer, fall or winter, there will be plenty of activities awaiting the entire family. With both Seneca Rocks and Blackwater State Falls nearby the extent of events and activities is astounding.

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