West Virginia Music Festivals

The history of the music of West Virginia has a long and vibrant past. The area is well known for the sounds of Appalachian folk music which has long been a part of music of West Virginia. Appalachian music is the music of the mountains and includes a number of different types including ballads and fast-finger fiddling. Appalachian music also stems partly from music of the Ulster-Scots, an Irish ethnic group who long-ago planted roots in the Irish area of Ulster. They are originally from the Scottish lowlands and some from the highlands.

In the bustling urban areas West Virginia music festivals and other musical events are very popular. One of the most famous and innovative places where music of West Virginia has been played tirelessly for almost a century is the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling. Capitol Music Hall is the most historic and original musical performance centers in West Virginia hosting myriad acts and famous names in the industry. West Virginia bluegrass music has been one of the main musical features of the hall drawing thousands from all over to enjoy the celebrated shows.

The Appalachian String Band West Virginia Music Festival has been a long-time favorite for locals and visitors. It's one of the top things to do in the state and one of the most exciting annual mountain celebrations. All kinds of music of West Virginia is showcased at this exciting five-day event. West Virginia bluegrass music and other string band music is featured together with workshops, contests, square dances, and a hymn singing.

The event also provides well-equipped West Virginia campgrounds for visitors who prefer to stay throughout the West Virginia music festival. Musicians and music lovers from almost forty-eight states and twenty different countries have been involved in the festival since it began. This is one of the best West Virginia music festivals to attend and kicks off each year at the end of July. It's held at Camp Washington Carver in Clifftop about an hour and half from Morgantown.

Another favorite on the circuit of West Virginia music festivals is the All Good Music Festival and Camp Out at Marvin's Mountain in Masontown, WV, also close to Morgantown. This West Virginia music festival is a family-friendly event and features an eclectic mix of music and events. Marvin's Mountain top offers West Virginia campgrounds for family and group camping for the three-day festival. The area comprises more than 600 acres of hilly terrain in a secluded, tranquil area and offers a picturesque views of the Allegheny Mountains. Some traditional West Virginia bluegrass music, along with folk, rock, gospel and jam are all part of the event.

West Virginia also hosts a number of other music festivals including the Heritage Music Blues Fest in August in Wheeling, the Annual Bluegrass Festival in May in North Bend State Park and Music in the Mountains Bluegrass Festival in June in Summersville. Your choice for when to go on West Virginia vacations may depend on what sort of festivals and events are happening throughout the state. Some people love to follow festival circuits, enjoying a wonderful way to explore different cultures and exciting events. Rest assured there are festivals of all kinds happening in every month of year, even in the winter months when cook-offs and fun mountain festivals are popular.

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