Wisconsin, sandwiched between the coastlines of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan on the northern border of the US, is regarded by many visitors as the gateway to the midwest. With its long history going back to the pre colonial era, Wisconsin has played an important role throughout the ages, and retains great significance amongst a number of different Native American tribes including Ojibwe tribe, who still retain many reservation lands across the state to the present day.

Visiting Wisconsin is a different experience from almost any other part of the country. The state has a unique culture that is markedly different from anywhere else. With around a third of the population originating from Germany, and strong links with France thanks to the proximity of Quebec just across the Canadian border, Wisconsin people have a slightly different value set from the rest of the nation, and take pride in their status.

Whether your Wisconsin vacations are spent in Milwaukee, enjoying the lakeside areas, or touring the rural farming communities, you will quickly fall in love with the gentle and peaceful pace of life that is followed across the state. In Wisconsin, they say that people matter, and you are always made to feel welcome wherever you go.

One of the most popular tourist areas in the state is known as Wisconsin Dells. It lies along the banks of the Wisconsin River, and is famous for its beautiful landscapes and unique rocky outcrops that line the river banks. Attracting more than 5 million visitors a year, the area in the centre of the state can get pretty busy in peak season, but there are plenty of things to see and do, including the biggest outdoor water park in the USA (Noah’s Ark), which boasts a large number of different rides and slides for families to enjoy. There are Wisconsin Dells hotels available to suit all budgets, but it is almost always necessary to book in advance, especially during the summer, when they are often fully booked.

As with many states in the midwest, there are plenty of Native American reservations, and over the past few years, a number of Wisconsin Casinos have opened – many within easy reach of Wisconsin Dells. The more popular places such as the Ho Chunk Casino offer gambling as well as great leisure facilities including the ubiquitous water parks and dinner shows featuring well known performers from all areas of the entertainment world.

The best time to visit Wisconsin is always in late summer when the state seems to enjoy the finest weather of the year. It is also the period when the annual Wisconsin State Fair takes place in the West Allis suburb just outside Milwaukee. Around a million people visit the fair grounds each year for the mix of sport, entertainment, competition, and good old fashioned fun on the carnival rides.

If you have the luxury of spending more than a couple of weeks in Wisconsin, the best idea is to tour around and explore the state. Aside from cosmopolitan Milwaukee with its excellent shopping, fine hotels, and great entertainment and Wisconsin Dells with their fun attractions such as water parks and casinos, you may also want to spend time in the south of the state exploring the forest parks and hills of the Driftless Area, with its primeval landscapes where you can escape from the modern world on a hiking and camping vacation in Wisconsin.

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