Wisconsin Airports

The main Wisconsin airports can be found near the state's larger cities, though there are an array of smaller regional airports in the state that can possibly serve your needs as well. Wisconsin is a fairly large state, so flying from one city or town to another can help you cut down on travel time. The bulk of the smaller regional airports in Wisconsin are open for public use, and while they don't typically deal with commercial flights, they do tend to accept private planes and charter flights. Charter flights, for those who might not know, are non-commercial flights on smaller planes, and they are usually hired by businesses, sports teams, or group travelers. With many Wisconsin airports to choose from, you can arrange a flight, or series of flights, that will get you close to your final destination. You can also fly into one of the major airports and depend on ground transportation once you arrive if you prefer.

The Milwaukee airport, which is known as the General Mitchell International Airport, is the busiest airport in the state, and you might be interested to know that some Chicago-area residents depend on it as an alternative to the Chicago O'Hare and Chicago Midway airports. The Milwaukee airport has received honorable mention among the nation's best airports as it offers easy access, features a traveler-friendly design, and has an array of shops and restaurants. Since the Milwaukee airport is just six miles from the downtown area, you can get into town in no time, and rental car desks are prevalent. Shuttle service is also available, and the shuttles offer convenient service to many Milwaukee hotels. There is also an Amtrak train station at the Milwaukee airport, so you can hop on a train to get where you're going, and there are also bus services available.

While getting from the Milwaukee airport to the capital city of Madison won't take more than a couple of hours, those who want to fly directly to Madison can always use the Dane Country Regional Airport, which deals with more than 100 arrivals and 100 departures on a daily basis. For those in need of Wisconsin airport parking, the Madison airport recently added more spots. If you're not driving, you can get to where you're going by way of bus, rental car, or taxi. Many top Madison hotels offer courtesy car services between their establishments and the airport, which is a convenient feature that might influence your lodging decision.

When it comes to the international airports in Wisconsin, the Austin Straubel International Airport in Green Bay is the remaining choice. This airport is an excellent choice for anyone who is visiting the northeastern part of the state, and if you're heading to Green Bay to catch a Packers game, this is a convenient place to land. The Austin Straubel International Airport is used for both commercial flights and general aviation purposes. Four major airlines serve the Green Bay airport, so you can find commercial flights that arrive here with relative ease. When using this airport for your departure, you will likely have to make a connection at another airport before continuing on, though the airport does offer direct flights to a handful of cities, with Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis among the direct flight options. Free Wi-Fi internet access is offered throughout the Green Bay airport, and there is an ample amount of short and long term parking for a fair price.

The smaller Wisconsin airports are there to meet your aviation needs as well, so you might look into the flight options at these as well. While you can always fly into Green Bay when visiting northeastern destinations like Door County, you could also choose to arrive at the Outgamie County Regional Airport, which serves the rapidly-growing city of Appleton. For those who are arranging a charter flight or are flying their own personal craft, Door County boasts the small, general aviation Cherryland Airport. Other smaller, general aviation airports in Wisconsin can be found around the state, and it's always a good idea to look into them when arranging private flights and charter flights.

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