Baraboo Wisconsin

Baraboo Wisconsin is located in the south central part of the state, in an area that is one of its most popular vacation destinations. It is a region full of recreational lakes, with plenty of opportunities for golfing, fishing, and a myriad of other outdoor activities. Throughout the area are resorts where you will find everything from skiing to camping. Consequently, a Baraboo vacation is bound to take you outside of town.

However, there are many wonderful attractions in Baraboo right in the town itself. Chief among these is the renowned Circus World Museum that attracts visitors from around the world and that has played a significant role in the town's history. The Ringling Brothers Circus, and other lesser-known circuses wintered here for many years during the latter half of the nineteenth century and until 1918. The museum today is a National Historic Site with the world's largest collection of glittering circus wagons and circus artifacts anywhere in the world. Few visitors come to Baraboo Wisconsin and miss this fascinating museum and theme park. A number of Baraboo events are held here throughout the year, including circus performances, parades, and antique auto exhibitions. You won't want to miss the opening celebration held in mid-May.

Other Baraboo events occur throughout the year. Celebrate the winter wonderland with a ride in a vintage train through the scenic area in February. Also popular in winter are the numerous skiing resorts in the region, as well as the nearby state parks that offer snowshoe trails and snowmobiling. There is an autumn art tour to discover art and architectural gems that begins in the historic downtown in October. Visit the International Crane Foundation during the spring hatching season. This lovely bird sanctuary is the only one to successfully breed all fifteen species of crane in captivity, including the endangered whooping crane and the sandhill crane.

Other popular summer Baraboo events include a fine arts festival in August and the July Old Fashioned Days Festival when the downtown becomes an old-style farmers market with great dining venues, a classic car show, and concerts. Nearby Wisconsin Dells and Baraboo share the Baraboo-Dells Municipal Airport, and the end of June brings the exciting Baraboo-Dells Air Show.

Other attractions in Baraboo to enjoy are the charming Gothic-style houses and Victorian mansions that grace its streets. They are full of history—built by lumber barons, circus executives, and entrepreneurs—and furnished with wonderful antiques, tapestries, and stained glass. Today, some of these former homes are Baraboo hotels and bed and breakfast inns that make intriguing places to stay during your Baraboo vacation and to use as your base of operations as you discover the surrounding area. Others, like the town's own House of Seven Gables are museums. Many are on the National Register of Historic Places, like the 1903 Jacob van Orden Mansion that today houses the Saulk County Historical Society, and the William Clark House.

A Baraboo vacation will undoubtedly take you into the great outdoors around town. It is only a very few miles to Wisconsin Dells, with its many water parks and outlet store shopping. Lakes and state parks in the area surrounding Baraboo Wisconsin provide hiking and camping opportunities. There are numerous courses and clubs for golfing. Cruises and river sports are available on the Wisconsin River, which winds its way through the region before flowing into the Mississippi River. This is an extremely scenic river, with imposing sandstone formations, tranquil pools, and excellent fishing spots.

As you can see, there are plenty of attractions in Baraboo to occupy your time, and the entire region is a wonderful vacation destination.

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