Baraboo Hotels

There is plentiful Baraboo accommodation in this charming and historic town, and some of it is as fascinating as the town and its many attractions. Whether you're in search of cheap lodging in Baraboo or exciting casinos or Baraboo hotels you will find something that will fit just about any budget, interest, and taste.

All of this Baraboo accommodation can be found right in the town, and there are also excellent options at the lakes and state parks in the surrounding area. This includes Wisconsin Dells, which is only a few miles away. The two towns share the airport, which is actually named the Baraboo-Dells Municipal Airport. As a result, they also share many of the lodging options in the area. So, your search for good Baraboo accommodation shouldn't be restricted only to the town.

But let's start with the town. There are a few charming, family-run bed and breakfast inns that are as full of history as the town. Generally, they are old Victorian homes, and some actually were homes of circus employees and executives. So, if you've come to visit the Circus World Museum, these are appropriate places to lay your head. The Old Baraboo Inn, a former brothel and tavern, is even reputed to be haunted! While these properties aren't exactly cheap lodging in Baraboo each is very reasonably priced.

There are Baraboo motels of all types, both in town as well as along the convenient highway just outside of town. These may well be the best options for cheap lodging in Baraboo for budget travelers. Nonetheless, motels aren't what they used to be, and there are several very good ones here. While fairly basic, most of them will have some self-catering amenities, such as refrigerators and coffee makers. All Baraboo motels will have televisions, and wireless Internet access is more and more common, even at very modest properties.

Baraboo hotels are also very reasonably priced. The kinds of hotels available are primarily like those of nationwide franchises, such as Best Western or Holiday Inn Express. While not generally considered luxury properties, they do have more upscale amenities, such as swimming pools, fitness rooms, and at least one dining venue. Some of these also will fall in what can be called the Baraboo motels category.

There are some more deluxe Baraboo hotels and resorts. One of these is Ho-Chunk, one of the Native American casinos and resorts that can be found throughout the state. Most other deluxe properties are not actually in town, but very accessible to all the attractions. This entire region is one of the premier resort areas in Wisconsin. It is full of state parks, lakes, and wilderness tracts that are prime camping, fishing, and recreational tracts. Many of the best resorts will be found outside of any town. People who come to this region come prepared for Wisconsin vacations that include some self-catering and plenty of outdoor recreation, so don't rule out the Baraboo accommodation possibilities that can be found in rental cabins that are near the many golfing and skiing areas, state parks, and lakes.

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