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There are about 4,500 campsites in Wisconsin, so if you enjoying staying close to nature while you sleep, then you will have plenty of options during your Wisconsin vacation. Most of the Wisconsin campgrounds can be found in state parks and scenic forested areas, and you can expect the majority of them to boast a wonderfully natural setting. While a fire ring and a picnic table are about the extent of the amenities at many Wisconsin campgrounds, others are more advanced and offer electrical hookups for those who might need them. Back country Wisconsin camping is also possible, and this kind of camping usually involves either hiking in or taking a canoe down river until you reach your isolated spot. When camping in Wisconsin, you'll have plenty of different kinds of sites to choose from, and there are even campgrounds in the state that cater to horse owners and people with disabilities. Camping in Wisconsin is about as good as camping gets, though you are probably going to want to limit your camping activity to the warmer months of the year.

For some, winter camping in Wisconsin is where it's at, especially because of the lack of crowds and bugs. Of course you'll have to have the proper equipment if you want to do your Wisconsin camping in the winter months. This generally involves bringing warm clothes, a cold-weather sleeping bag, and plenty of hot chocolate. Just because the snow is falling and the temperatures are low, winter camping in Wisconsin doesn't have to simply involve sitting around a warm fire. Many of the hiking trails at the Wisconsin state parks are converted to cross-country skiing and snowmobiling tracks, and you can also strap on some snowshoes and do some wintertime hiking if you please. While ice fishing is not for everyone, it too can often be enjoyed when camping in the winter months, and you will find that winter is a good time for animal tracking, just in case you have hunting in mind.

As you might imagine, Wisconsin camping during the spring, summer, or fall is more popular than winter camping, though you can choose your season accordingly. When choosing from the numerous Wisconsin campgrounds, you can often reserve your spot up to eleven months in advance, or you can just show up and hope to find a spot if you prefer. You can expect to pay camping fees at most of the Wisconsin campgrounds, and they are generally reasonable. Larger groups are encouraged to seek out Wisconsin campgrounds that have group sites, and if you're traveling in bunches, making reservations in advance is always a good idea so that you can secure ample room and conditions. Don't forget that many Wisconsin campgrounds offer cabins in addition to the more basic campsites. If you enjoy camping, but don't feel like roughing it too much, a rental cabin can be a great way to go. Shacking up in a cozy cabin after a day on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a great way to keep the natural theme going, for example.

When it comes to finding the right spot to go camping in Wisconsin, you will be inundated with possibilities. For those heading to the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, there are eighteen islands where camping is allowed, and these campsites are some of the best backcountry sites in the land. Over towards Door County, the Peninsula State Park is one of the better places to camp. In addition to offering some terrific nature programs, the Peninsula State Park also boasts four separate campgrounds. There are 469 family sites available at these campgrounds, and to help you enjoy your time in the area, you can rent kayaks, canoes, and bicycles. You can also check out the area beaches when in Door County, which is also recommended when visiting the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

Camping near or along the Mississippi River in Wisconsin is a popular pursuit for camping enthusiasts, and you'll find one of the best all around campsites in the state at the Nelson Dewey State Park. It's the views from the walk-in tent sites that help to make the Nelson Dewey Campground such a hit. The Perrot State Park is another place to find some good campsites within reach of the mighty Mississippi. There are plenty other great places to go camping in Wisconsin, so you should expand your horizons when looking for the ideal spot. Southeast of Madison, the Blackhawk Memorial Park Campground is a winner, while the Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park camping grounds are among the best in the Milwaukee area. Many of the top Wisconsin campgrounds are within easy reach of a golf course, a beach, or hiking and biking trails, so there's always something to do when you're not relaxing or roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

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