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There are plenty of Wisconsin hotel deals to be had. One of the best ways to find these is to use the booking tool located on this page, where all the best options and sites are collected for you in one search. Another good option for discount lodging in Wisconsin is to check out vacation packages that are offered both as complete packages with tours and other things to do, and by individual hotel properties promoting specific events or during low occupancy seasons.

There are a number of good chain motels and small, family-run resorts in the state that offer attractive discount lodging in Wisconsin with easy access to all the major attractions. Many of these boast services or facilities unique to the region, such as camping sites and recreational vehicle hook ups near state parks, boat launches on Lake Michigan, and even fish cleaning tables and fish freezers for anglers. The Lighthouse Inn on the Lake in Manitowoc even has its own lighthouse.

Sometimes worth considering alongside cheap Wisconsin hotels are other types of cheap lodging. Because there are so many state parks and wilderness areas with such great outdoor activities, bargain accommodation is often found by camping. If camping isn't your thing, you'll also find wonderful cabins to rent on the many lakes, near river sports, and near golfing venues. While these are self-catering, meaning you will need to buy your own groceries and do you own cooking, they are generally fully furnished right down to bed linens and cooking utensils.

Some of the best cheap Wisconsin hotels are the many charming and romantic bed and breakfast inns that are in old houses and mansions full of history. You will find these all over the state, in small towns, set in secluded acres of pristine wilderness, and in large cities. Some are quite sophisticated, and some so down-to-earth you will feel like a relative come to visit your host family. At the County Clare in Milwaukee, you can sleep above a traditional Irish pub. In Wisconsin Dells, you can stay in a room with Jacuzzi for two overlooking the river. In La Crosse, your home can be an inn that served as a one-room schoolhouse from 1917 until 1965. Finding Wisconsin hotel deals at these kinds of properties will give you insight into local life and provide unique memories.

More cheap Wisconsin hotels can also be found at the Native American casinos scattered across the state. Casino resorts traditionally have cheaper lodging, since they expect to make their profits off your gaming. You'll find these properties in Green Bay or Baraboo, and everywhere in between, and they have great Wisconsin hotel deals regardless of the time of year.

Discount lodging in Wisconsin can also be found in more upscale properties. Even the most deluxe will have good deals during the off-season times, sometimes even during peak seasons and important local events. The key to getting these deals is to do your research and to make your plans well in advance. Do also check the fine print, since there can be substantial fees for canceling or changing a discounted reservation.

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