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Wisconsin fishing is a dream for anyone who even remotely enjoys angling, and it's certainly not hard to locate great fishing spots wherever you might find yourself in the state. Wisconsin is bordered by Lake Superior to the north and Lake Michigan to the east, and these Great Lakes are top fishing destinations. Further inland, a bevy of smaller lakes offer ideal places to cast your line, and you can also hit any number of statewide rivers and creeks as well. When it comes to hunting in Wisconsin, there are specific seasons that favor certain species, and it's no different when it comes to fishing, so it's important to familiarize yourself with the local tendencies when arranging your trip. Thankfully, some fish species can be caught year round in Wisconsin, which helps to make trip planning easier.

While fishing in Wisconsin is something that you can do on your own, it's often best to book an outing with a local guide who can help you find some of the top spots for the kind of fishing that you have in mind. In Door County, for example, the local guides can help you find the best fishing spots on Lake Michigan, not to mention on the Green Bay. On a Door County vacation you can fish for steelhead, lake trout, and Chinook salmon on Lake Michigan, while the Green Bay typically yields northern pike, perch, smallmouth bass, and musky. Wisconsin is widely considered to be the musky capital of the world, so if you're looking for a truly authentic Wisconsin fishing experience, you might book a chartered fishing trip that revolves around these large, pike-like fish. As the local Wisconsin fishing guides will tell you, musky are strong and can be challenging to catch, so it's wise to use a large lure if you are going after them. In addition to heading to Door County, those looking to do some fishing on Lake Michigan can also hit such coastal cities as Milwaukee and Sheboygan to book a charter boat.

When it comes to Lake Superior fishing in Wisconsin, the Apostle Islands are among the premier destinations. Lake trout and Coho salmon are two of the main fish species that you can expect to snag when fishing in the Apostle Islands, and it's not uncommon to also hook rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout when patrolling the area waters. If you can't make it to the coast to do some fishing on the Great Lakes, you can always enjoy some fine river fishing in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin River, for example, is a great place to catch some large sturgeon, and you'll want to use some large lures once again for this strong fish. Don't forget to also bring rain gear and a good windbreaker when fishing in Wisconsin, as you won't want sour weather to keep you from enjoying your days out on the water.

Walleye is just another species of fish that you can hope to catch when river fishing in Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin River is again a top destination for snaring this kind of fish. Northern pike and bass can be added to the list as well when it comes to river fishing in Wisconsin, especially in the north-central part of the state. Wisconsin fly fishing is definitely becoming more popular, and while you're taking to the area waters you might try your hands at the sport. You can enjoy Wisconsin fly fishing in a number of places around the state, from the Great Lakes to the inland streams. Tributaries of the Great Lakes are ideal places to hook salmon and trout when engaging in some Wisconsin fly fishing, and the northern rivers and streams tend to yield a good number of brook trout. Should your Wisconsin fly fishing exploits bring you to the southwestern part of the state, you can also expect to hook some brook trout, while brown trout, wild brook trout, and rainbow trout are relatively easy to catch in the central part of the state.

Whether you are lake fishing in Wisconsin, or taking to a local stream, you are bound to have both a fun and relaxing time. As is the case with other outdoor pursuits in Wisconsin, such as golf and hiking, fishing is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Even if you don't catch a ton of fish when fishing in Wisconsin, you are bound to have some fond memories when coming away from your trip. While Wisconsin fishing is something that can be enjoyed on the side, you can definitely make it the main focus of your vacation. There are various fishing lodges in the state where anglers will truly feel at home, and if it's a truly convenient Wisconsin fishing trip that you have in mind, there are fishing-related vacation packages that have your best interests in mind. So plan your Wisconsin fishing getaway today, and find out first hand just how extensive the possibilities are.

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