Wisconsin Lakes

If the Wisconsin lakes are anything, they are numerous. There are more than 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin, so it's easy to see why spending time out on the water is popular with both locals and tourists. Many Wisconsin vacations are centered around enjoying one or more of the state's lakes, and there are bunch of great lodging options near some of the more highly-visited bodies of water. Lake Geneva Wisconsin is just one of the premier destinations in the land for those who want to be close to the water, and there's definitely no shortage of accommodations in the area. Wherever you may find yourself in Wisconsin, there should be a lake close by.

Lake Geneva Wisconsin is about an hour from Milwaukee, and it's a popular getaway spot for both Milwaukee and Chicago residents. This resort area benefits from the large lake that can be found right in the heart of things, and while summertime is the peak season here, there are some area slopes that make for nice skiing destinations in the winter. When looking to enjoy your time on the water in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, you can rent a canoe, a kayak, or even a boat. If you want to leave the driving up to somebody else, there are also local companies that offer pleasure cruises and similar attractions. It's not all about enjoying the lake in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, however, as you can also take to the area bike trails, enjoy some excellent golf, or even take a hot air balloon tour on the side.

Lake Hayward Wisconsin is another fine place to spend some time when visiting the state, and it can be found in the more sparsely-populated northeastern part of the state. There are many lakes in the Hayward Wisconsin area, and as one might imagine, this makes for some great fishing. Musky, which is a large freshwater fish, is prevalent in these parts and in the rest of the state. During your Lake Hayward Wisconsin getaway, you can always enjoy the surrounding Chequamegon National Forest when you're not out on the water, and hiking, biking, and skiing are all popular outdoor activities depending on the weather. As for the water-related activities that can be enjoyed in and around Lake Hayward Wisconsin, they include canoeing, kayaking, and boating. A few events take place up in these parts every year, so you might plan your visit around one, and there are also a couple casinos close by if you want to add some gaming action to the plan.

Lake Tomahawk and Lake Flambeau are just some of the other lakes in Wisconsin that you might consider enjoying during your vacation. Lake Tomahawk and Lake Flambeau are not far from each other, and the region boasts plenty more lakes to enjoy when visiting the area. This upstate region is a great place to enjoy some time outdoors, and it's just one destination where you will want to consider renting a cabin or cottage. There are some great cabins and cottages for rent all over the state, and they offer a nice alternative to the standard hotel experience. If you can book a lakeside cottage or cabin, all the better, as you'll enjoy peaceful views and proximity to the water.

When discussing the Wisconsin lakes, the two Great Lakes that border the state on its northern and eastern sides should not be left out. Wisconsin's entire eastern border runs along the shores of Lake Michigan, and you can bet that a number of eastern Wisconsin cities and towns see an influx of tourists come the warmer months. Door County is among the top vacation destinations in the land, and it enjoys Lake Michigan access for anyone who is looking to do some boating, fishing, or swimming. There are some good beaches in Door County, with the Whitefish Dunes State Park beach taking top honors, so you can enjoy some time with your feet in the sand during a summertime Door County escape. Both Sheboygan and Milwaukee can be found on the state's eastern coast, and summertime visitors to these destinations usually have Lake Michigan activities on the itinerary. As for the northern border of Wisconsin, a small portion of it runs along the shores of Lake Superior. It's here where you'll find the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, which is a scenic gem that you'll do well to include in your trip. Kayaking among the Apostle Islands is a terrific way to do some sightseeing, and the sea caves here are among the more mesmerizing caves in the state.

With so many lakes in Wisconsin to enjoy, you might find yourself hard-pressed when it comes to deciding where to spend the bulk of your time. Since the same kinds of activities can be enjoyed at most of the lakes in Wisconsin, you're bound to have fun wherever you decide to visit. At the Wisconsin lakes that are mentioned in this article, it will be easy to rent things like pontoon boats, canoes, and kayaks.

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