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From cheap Milwaukee lodging to luxury hotels, you'll find something to suit any budget and a wide variety of accommodation in Milwaukee from which to choose. Chances are that budget and location are the two most important factors in making your Milwaukee hotels decision. Balance the two with what things to do that interest you and what you're willing to pay.

Don't automatically rule out Milwaukee motels when making your choice, as there are a number of very good ones around the city. These are excellent if you have your own transportation or have taken advantage of a car rental and plan to visit the outlying suburbs or other parts of the state. Even in the downtown area, where you are most centrally located, you will be able to find fairly cheap Milwaukee lodging that will be accessible to shopping, universities, the convention center, and cultural activities, including Summerfest.

There are a small number of hotels of historic significance in the downtown area that are on the list of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. These include the Ambassador Hotel (1927) in the western part of the city near Miller Park and the Pabst Mansion, which is one of the city's tourist attractions. The Hotel Metro, built in 1937, is in the heart of downtown and is an Art Deco masterpiece. The "jewel of the city" is the Pfister, located in a lavish Romanesque Revival building that first opened its doors in 1893. It's only three blocks from Lake Michigan, and contains the world's largest hotel collection of Victorian art. You'll find some of the best accommodation in Milwaukee at these three properties, but they are nonetheless reasonably priced and offer all the amenities you'd expect of an international property, including fine gourmet dining. Book well in advance if you plan to arrive during the summer, coinciding with a major citywide event.

You can choose from several downtown Milwaukee hotels that are part of the better franchises, such as Hilton, Hyatt, Wyndham, and Sheraton. If you have the transportation of a car, you might consider properties outside of the city itself. There are several full service resorts and spa properties in that area providing access to excellent golfing and some of the smaller countryside lakes. Even though you will be outside of the city, if you have a car you'll have good access to the award-winning Milwaukee County Zoo and the State Fairgrounds. Around the suburb of Brookfield, also west of the downtown area, there are other Milwaukee hotels from the less expensive franchises, such as Red Roof Inn and Howard Johnson.

For inexpensive Milwaukee motels with good access to highways, try the area around the city's international airport about six miles south of the city. Also in this direction (only 25 miles from the city) is Racine. This is a lovely city full of history located on Lake Michigan, and is only 25 miles from Milwaukee. Although it's not the city's major airport, you will also find good Milwaukee motels near Timmerman airport, which is north of the city and near the village of Glendale. Here you have good access to the attractions of Lake Michigan, without the tourist crowd found on Milwaukee's popular riverfront.

If you're interested in accommodation in Milwaukee of a completely different sort, you may want to consider a multi-night Lake Michigan cruise. There are some of these that circumnavigate the lake for four to six nights, making port stops at such tourist attractions as Sturgeon Bay. These can begin or end in Chicago or Milwaukee, and include shore excursions and tours.

Cheap Milwaukee lodging or luxury hotels are readily available. If you spend a little time doing some research about the things to do you're sure to find what you're looking for. To help you on your way, check out the tool on this page that provides listings of all the options available for you in one search.

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