Neenah Wisconsin

Neenah Wisconsin is a city on the shore of Lake Winnebago, a popular fishing and recreation attraction in Wisconsin. Neenah is located right where the Fox River spills into the lake and is a great spot for enjoying the waterfront at one of the waterfront parks, or for exploring the Fox Valley area surrounding the lake. There are also several historical attractions and museums in town, and a lively downtown area for shopping and dining.

The downtown core of Neenah Wisconsin is a vibrant area of restaurants and shops close to the Fox River. Browse unique boutiques such as French Flea, an eclectic shop with home furnishings, upcycled art, and coffee, or God Wild With Birds, a specialty store featuring high-quality bird seed and feeders. There is a great variety of restaurants here, from Chinese restaurants, to artisan breads, to cafes, pubs and wine bars. If you want to find accommodation right in the heart of the city, this is the place, and one of the most popular Neenah WI hotels is the Holiday Inn located right near the downtown area on the waterfront.

To glimpse some of the unique heritage of Neenah Wisconsin, the Neenah Historical Society is a good resource. One of their most fascinating properties is the Hiram Smith Octagon House, one of only a handful of octagonal houses built in the United States in the mid-1800s. It is one of the few antebellum houses in Neenah, and has been restored to close to its original condition. The brick house is quite a sight with its wide veranda and octagonal cupola. Hiram Smith, one of its original inhabitants, later went on to become a founding member of Chase Bank.

Continue to enjoy more of Neenah's waterfront and head on down to Riverside Park, one of the most popular waterfront attractions in Neenah Wisconsin. The renovated waterfront area has a beautiful promenade that takes you along the banks of the Fox River, and plenty of grassy areas for picnicking and playing. The view of the sailboats in the calm water is pretty and peaceful, and you can take a paddle-boat ride if you would like to join in the boating fun. In the summer, the Riverside Players provide live entertainment at the park.

While you're down by the waterfront, take a peek into the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, a historic building housing a collection of incredibly beautiful glass art objects. It has the largest collection of glass paperweights in the world. While this might not sound incredibly exciting, give it a chance. Admission is free, and you'll be surprised at the beauty of the glass art exhibits in the house. Children can even create some art of their own at one of the museum's special children's programs.

Photographers will want to take a trip down to Kimberly Point Park, situated on the point where the Fox River flows into Winnebago Lake. There is a beautiful view of the water from here, and many grassy areas with benches to sit and drink in the sights. Best of all, Neenah Light, also known as Kimberly Point Lighthouse, provides a gorgeous photo opportunity. Built in 1945, the lighthouse is one of Neenah's historical landmarks and is topped with a quaint weather vane in the shape of a sailboat.

For staying the night, there are many Neenah WI hotels that provide excellent service. The Best Western Bridgewood Resort, for example, provides high quality service with convenient access to a nearby golf course. Neenah WI hotels tend to be large national chains, but you can also find hotels and B&Bs in nearby Appleton, just a few miles north of Neenah.

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