Noah's Ark Water Slides

The Noah’s Ark water slides promise thrills, spills, and chills for visitors of all ages. The world's biggest water park, located in the Wisconsin Dells, has something for everyone, from adults to children, and with slides and coasters such as the Black Anaconda, three game arcades, and the Big Kahuna Kiddie Area for the littlest children, you’re guaranteed a day of fun and excitement—it’s not hard to see why this Wisconsin attraction is such a popular destination in the summer.

At the world's biggest water park, you can expect plenty of water slides, of course. For adults and children meeting the height requirements, Noah's Ark water slides include an assortment of slides that will test your taste for adventure, from the mind-bending Black Anaconda water coaster to a leisurely inner tube experience on Adventure River.

One of the most popular rides at Noah's Ark Water Park, the Black Anaconda is one of the longest water slides in the US. Be prepared to hold on tight as you go through a quarter-mile of spiraling coils on the snakelike slide before dropping nearly straight down at 30 miles per hour.

Another of the popular rides at Noah's Ark is the Scorpion's Tail, which is a brand-new attraction that opened in 2010 and is the first upside-down looping water slide in the country. You won’t want to miss this vertical waterslide loop, as you are taken ten stories high then dropped, straight down, at a speed that covers 50 feet per second.

When it comes to the most thrilling Noah's Ark water slides, Black Thunder is the ultimate option for special effects. This tube ride has one-person and two-person inner tubes that go through total darkness before you drop into the pool at the end of the slide.

Not for the faint of heart, the Point of No Return is one of the rides at Noah's Ark that is sure to make you scream. This thrill ride gradually takes you up ten stories before taking a vertical plunge that drops you back down in five seconds.

Finally, one of the other especially thrilling slides at the park is the Sting Ray, which is considered one of the scariest rides at Noah's Ark. It lives up to its reputation by including heart-stopping vertical drops; it’s the only double slide in the U.S. allowing you ride alone or double up and face your partner as you scream all the way to the bottom of the course.

Although the thrill slides are some of the park’s most popular attractions, there are rides at Noah's Ark specifically for kids and small children. The Big Kahuna Kiddie Area has swings, fountains, slides, and water cannons. For younger children, Tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom Water Playground and the 4-D Dive-In Theater will keep the little ones entertained.

For older visitors, or anyone needing a break from the speed slides, the Big Kahuna Wave Pool allows you to bodysurf on refreshing wave action that takes place every ten minutes. Or, you can enjoy the Jungle Rapids at the world's biggest water park as you grab a mat or tube and maneuver along the slide, twisting and turning alternating with short spurts of speed followed by slower cruising speeds to catch your breath.

A great family ride is the Dark Voyage, where you ride in a 4-person raft enclosed in total darkness as you make your way along the twisting, churning water route encountering unexpected rapids and other surprises along the way.

Whatever your pleasure, there are sure to be Noah’s Ark water slides to keep you entertained throughout your visit to the park. Whether you’re on a family trip or a group getaway, this is a great place to be, and the array of hotels near Noah's Ark and Noah's Ark coupons can ensure that you get the most for your money when it comes to excitement.

Image: Wisconsin Dells CVB
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