Things To Do In Wisconsin

Attractions in Wisconsin run the gamut, from beautiful wilderness areas and lakes to cosmopolitan cities and the excitement of football in Green Bay Packers territory to the splendor of a winter wonderland after fresh snowfall. Wherever you are, whatever your interests, you'll find things to do in Wisconsin that are enriching, exciting, and fun both inddors and outdoors.

Outdoor things to do in Wisconsin are available not only in state parks, but also on private land. This includes about anything that comes to mind. If you think this means that when to go is only in the summer, think again. The state is a year round vacation destination, and many Wisconsin trips and vacation packages take advantage of the great outdoors, in state parks and in large areas of private and municipal land.


This is an extremely popular sport in the state, and many Wisconsin trips concentrate specifically on golfing and the many golf events held each year. There are more than 500 golf courses and resorts in the state, many of them world-class championship venues.

State Parks

The attractions in Wisconsin include 99 state parks, forests, trails, and outdoor recreation areas that welcome approximately 14 million visitors each year. The state's Department of Natural Resources divides things to do in Wisconsin state parks into "silent" and "motorized" sports. Silent sports include activities like cross country skiing and hiking. Motorized sports include snowmobiling and off-road vehicles. Since some of the parks are on lakes and rivers, motorized sports use a motorboat or jet ski. Some Wisconsin sightseeing includes little more than the beautiful state parks.

Lakes and Rivers Sports

With more than 15,000 inland lakes, 40,000 miles of rivers, and 659 of Great Lakes shoreline, the state has more water-based recreational opportunities than many coastal states. The state has borders with Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, two of the Great Lakes. Vacation areas that take advantage of these two lakes include Door County and the Apostle Islands. Other aquatic attractions in Wisconsin are the many smaller inland lakes and rivers.


Wisconsin trips can take advantage of different types of camping, including primitive (tents or under the stars, with no facilities); and organized campgrounds with facilities like clubhouses and showers. These can be quite basic or extremely sophisticated. Many camping areas also have facilities for recreational vehicle and motor home camping with electric, water and sewer hook ups.


As with campgrounds, you can find a number of more or less sophisticated cabins for rent in any of the areas where there are outdoor activities. Generally these come equipped with necessities such as dishes and cooking utensils, bedding and other amenities. Wisconsin sightseeing with your own private home away from home as a base is an ideal way to vacation.


Wisconsin boasts hundreds of miles of hiking trails, including the extraordinary 1,000-mile long Ice Age National Scenic Trail. There are even excellent weekend backpack getaways possible from large cities like Milwaukee.


Another of the attractions in Wisconsin is fishing, which is a big sport in the state. Numerous charter boats operate in the Great Lakes, offering an almost deep-sea fishing experience. Rivers provide wonderful fly fishing opportunities, and the many inland lakes allow you to fish all alone on off a busy town pier.


In addition to the cross-country skiing (and snowshoeing) available on the many hiking trails, there are dozens of downhill ski resorts in the state.


Wisconsin is a very cycle-friendly state. Many cities have bike lanes, and there are more than 1,700 miles of bike trails in the state parks alone. Some of the best and most scenic Wisconsin sightseeing can be done from the seat of a bicycle in the mountains and along lake shorelines.

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