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There are a vast amount of Wisconsin tours to choose from. The tours in Wisconsin have something for everyone, and sightseeing is just one of the options. As one might imagine, the Wisconsin cheese tours are among the most popular, as this state enjoys a prolific dairy industry. Seeing how cheese is made is one of the many Wisconsin tours that are ideal for families, and tasting the finished products is usually a highlight. Wisconsin is very much characterized by its impressive cheese-making capabilities, but it is also known for its abundance of lakes, rivers, and streams. With so much water to be found across the state, it's easy to understand why boating tours are also very popular. Regardless of the kinds of Wisconsin tours that you choose to enjoy, they will only add depth and substance to your trip.

Wisconsin cheese tours are available across the state, and many of the cheese-making factories that you can visit here are small, family-owned establishments that specialize in specific varieties. When you're not touring the facilities on Wisconsin cheese tours, you can visit a factory's retail outlet, which most cheese factories here have. After sampling some of the cheeses during your tour, you're bound to find some that you want to take home. For those who want to watch cheese being made, most of the cheese factories in Wisconsin also offer observation windows where you can look in on the process. The Henning's Cheese factory in Kiel, for example, offers observation windows that allow you to watch people making all kinds of cheese varieties. Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Colby cheeses are among the Henning's family specialties. Over in Somerset, the award-winning Bass Lake Cheese Factory is another establishment that has observation windows. It also offers audio and visual presentations that help to accentuate your tour experience. Wisconsin cheese tours can often be paired with other kinds of tours, such as bus tours.

At Simon's Specialty Cheese factory, bus tours are welcome, so when you're not out sightseeing in the northeastern expanse, you can stop by to see how they make their cheese. When it comes to the Wisconsin bus tours, you can charter your own bus and include attractions like cheese factories if you so desire. The bus tour companies here can also recommend itineraries for you if you are having trouble figuring what to see and do during your trip. Often times, bus tours are included in larger Wisconsin vacation packages, and in addition to supplying you with transportation, these packages can also include lodging and visits to area attractions. You can even expect some of these bus tour packages to include most of your meals.

While booking tours in Wisconsin through a travel agency is always an option, you can arrange your own if you prefer. More often than not, you'll need a car to do this, and in some instances, you might even need a boat. Wisconsin is home to an array of caves, and you can tour them on your own, though going with a guide is generally recommended. Taking a short drive to tour the facilities at one of the many Wisconsin wineries is also an idea. Wisconsin wines range from your more standard grape varietals to an array of unique sweet wines, and you can enjoy tastings at most of the wineries that welcome visitors. For those who are interested in getting a workout while enjoying tours in Wisconsin, going on an extended bike ride or kayaking amidst a collection of islands might just fit the bill.

Wisconsin biking can involve sticking to scenic paved routes, off-road tracks, and touring over long distances. You can arrange a myriad of bike tours on your own in Wisconsin, and bikes are easy to rent here, so you don't have to bring your own. Many of the bike rental shops in Wisconsin also rent out kayaks, so you can take to the area waters in one if you want to tour about that way. Cruising around the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in a kayak is a scenic tour that you won't soon forget. As mentioned earlier, boat tours are extremely popular in Wisconsin, partly because of the fact that there's water to be found everywhere. Cruising along the Wisconsin River near Wisconsin Dells is a huge hit with summertime visitors, and there's almost never a bad time to go boating on the Mississippi River.

In addition to cruising around in a boat, Wisconsin tours can see you soaring overhead in a hot air balloon or steaming across the countryside in a train. As stated before, there's something for everyone when it comes to the tours in Wisconsin. Don't forget to consider the many available Wisconsin tours when planning your trip, as you're bound to find at least one that interests you. Wisconsin is a relatively cheap state to travel in, and there are many in-state tour options that are easy on the wallet.

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