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Wisconsin might get pretty cold during the winter months, but when summer finally rolls around, the temperatures here can really heat up. Should you be visiting the state during the summertime, there are several Wisconsin water parks that can help you beat the heat. The Wisconsin Dells water parks are among the most popular ones in the state, but they aren't the only ones. Whether you visit an indoor water in Wisconsin, or you stick to the outdoor offerings, a fun-filled time awaits you. Families with kids will especially enjoy the Wisconsin water parks, as most youngsters have a blast when playing with anything that is water-related.

Heading to one of the Wisconsin amusement parks is a good way to find a water park during the summer months. The Wisconsin Dells area is home to some of the best Wisconsin amusement parks, and many of these parks offer water-related rides and attractions. In fact, Wisconsin Dells hails itself as The Waterpark Capital of the World, so if it's Wisconsin water parks that you are searching for, look no further. Finding an indoor water park in Wisconsin is becoming increasingly easy, and there are both indoor and outdoor water parks at Wisconsin Dells. The Kalahari Resort Waterparks and the Lost Rios Waterpark at Chula Vista Resort just two of the indoor Wisconsin Dells water parks that you can visit.

The Chula Vista Resort is perched on cliffs overlooking the Wisconsin River, so when you're not enjoying its water park attractions, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the views. A wavepool, lazy rivers, and 26 waterslides are just some of the features of the Lost Rios Waterpark at Chula Vista Resort, which is actually both an indoor and outdoor facility. As for the Kalahari Resort Waterparks, it's the largest indoor water park in the state, and it features a stand up surfing pool, an uphill water rollercoaster, and more. There's also an outdoor water park at the Kalahari Resort, and it is complete in and of itself.

Water park hotels, which are hotels that feature water parks, are great Wisconsin family lodging options, and there many of them in and around the Wisconsin Dells area. You'll also find some in the Milwaukee area as well. The Hilton Milwaukee City Center is perhaps the best-known establishment when it comes to Milwaukee indoor water park hotels. Among the highlights at the hotel's Paradise Landing Indoor Waterpark include 31-person hydrotherapy spa tub, a simulated Jamaican Village with four water slides, a kiddy pool, and a water cannon area. As is the case at the other Wisconsin water parks, Paradise Landing has a snack bar where you can grab refreshments and quick-service food items, such as hot dogs, pizza, sub sandwiches, and chips.

About an hour's drive south of Milwaukee, the Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark offers another southeastern Wisconsin lodging option that families might consider. The Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark at the Timber Ridge Lodge is a 50,000-square-foot facility that is open to guests year round. The indoor portion covers 30,000 square feet, and it gets a lot of use during the winter months. Among the facilities at the Moose Mountain Falls Waterpark are two 35-foot-tall water slides, a lazy river, some interactive splash pools, and a lounging deck. The Lake Geneva area is a great place to be in the winter if you like to ski, and it's also ideal in the summer for anyone who is looking to enjoy some Wisconsin golf or hiking, which is why it's one of the state's premier vacation destinations.

Whether it's an outdoor or indoor water park in Wisconsin that you are looking to visit, there are definitely some top areas that you should consider. The destinations mentioned in this article are among the premier water park destinations in the state, and you'll do well to visit any one of them. There are others worth considering as well, and more often than not, these water parks are close to a lot of other great destinations. Wisconsin attractions like the Circus World Museum and the House on the Rock are easy to reach when enjoying Wisconsin Dells, for example, so you'll want to see what's close to the water park that you have in mind. Since any indoor water park in Wisconsin can be enjoyed year round, you don't have to stick to the summer months when looking to include one on your itinerary.

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