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When you're deciding what is the best time of year to travel to Wisconsin don't think you have to limit yourself only to summer. Each of the varied Wisconsin seasons has something to offer and many things to do.

This beautiful northern state is a winter wonderland, and you'll find many of the expenses of Wisconsin travel are more economical at this time of year. Resorts may go for the same price as cheap hotels, admission to many attractions is less expensive, there are fewer tourists, and there's nothing like exploring pristine wilderness areas in near solitude after a snowfall. Winter sports and activities are a big business in the state, and a trip to Wisconsin at this time of year can be very rewarding for the entire family. There are more than 50 downhill skiing resorts, and the extensive network of national and state parks offer wonderful trails for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoe hiking. The state has a long winter, and many festivals celebrating the coldest of the Wisconsin seasons are held throughout the state. Ice carving, ice fishing, family hikes, and sleigh rides are all possibilities. And most towns and cities have winter festivals.

The Wisconsin seasons for hunting fall primarily in winter and autumn, and the autumn is a beautiful time to travel to Wisconsin to enjoy both the colorful foliage and many events related to harvest time in this agricultural state. This is when the farmers markets and roadside stands are full of produce, and when you can pick your on fruit at many orchards. You can enjoy the foliage from the water while canoeing and enjoying other lake and river sports.

As in all northern states, the landscapes come alive with colorful blossoms in the springtime. This includes the many cherry trees, and many people take a trip to Wisconsin at this time of year simply to enjoy the cherry blossoms that rival the fame of those in Washington, D.C. One of the most popular destinations for spring travel is Door County, which is famous for its cherry orchards and its signature cherry pie. This region includes the resorts along Sturgeon Bay. The Wisconsin travel industry and tourism infrastructure is quite sophisticated here, as well as along the shores of Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

Summer, of course, is the most popular of all the Wisconsin seasons for vacation packages and Wisconsin travel that includes the many lakes, rivers, and national and state parks. During this time of year, you can indulge in absolutely every outdoor activity the state has to offer except those involving cold weather and snow. You can swim and lounge on pristine beaches, go fly fishing in the rivers, or charter a boat for fishing in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Most tourists travel to Wisconsin at this time of year. While it is peak season, there are still good bargains to be had, especially if you're considering camping or renting one of the many cabins in around the parks and wilderness areas.

As you can see, a trip to Wisconsin can be rewarding at any time of year. One of the most rewarding four-season destinations is the Great River Road along the state's stretch of the mighty Mississippi River. This is a National Scenic Byway, stretching for more than 250 miles and showcasing charming, historic towns and villages, beautiful river and bluff views, and glimpses of what river life was like before Europeans and modern development arrived.

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