Wisconsin Beach Resorts

Wisconsin beach resorts line the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan as well as interior lakes in the Northwoods, close to Milwaukee or Madison. No matter where you roam in Wisconsin, chances are good you’ll be close to a lake, complete with beaches and beach resorts. The well-known destinations of the Wisconsin Dells and Door County are home to many beach resorts, but you’ll also find other resorts throughout the state. Places including Lake Geneva and LaPointe on Madeline Island also welcome beachgoers. In all of these places, a beach resort offers the perks of a regular hotel, including a warm welcome when you arrive and a comfortable place to stay, but there’s so much more. You also have easy access to the beach without the hassle of worrying about parking or crowds. Plus, you have the sparkling views to enjoy even if it’s too chilly to go swimming. Guests of Wisconsin beach resorts also have access to so many activities. Oftentimes, the resorts have kayaks, snorkels, and other gear available for their guests to use—anything to make their stay more memorable along the best Wisconsin beaches.

Wisconsin All-Inclusive Resorts

While beach resorts are found all around Wisconsin, most of the all-inclusive resorts are found in the Dells. This Southern Wisconsin vacation paradise along Lake Delton and the Wisconsin River has added a number of resorts in the past few years. Many of these resorts are family-friendly indoor waterparks. They offer all-inclusive packages that include the room, food, and all of the fun things to do. As long as you remember to wear your wristband, you’ll be able to enjoy all the resort has to offer. In the summertime, these Wisconsin beach resorts offer plenty of outdoor fun, perfect for hot days. When summer becomes a sweet memory, you don’t need to pack away the swimsuits. It’s always toasty warm in the indoor waterparks.

Top image: Aloha Beach Resort
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