Casper Wyoming

Casper Wyoming is the second biggest city in Wyoming, after Cheyenne, and features a number of smaller suburbs that branch off from the main city area. Originally settled as a mining community in the foothills of Casper Mountain and the Laramie Mountain Range, Casper’s name changed from Fort Casper to simply Casper at the beginning of the 20th century. Most early settlers who came to the city of Casper Wyoming in the 19th century came from the Oregon and Mormon Trails, which both run through the area now known as Casper Wyoming. Casper Mountain and the area surrounding Casper Mountain have provided a bounty of crude oil since mining began in the 19th century. As such, Casper Wyoming has remained the economical center of Wyoming to this day.

In addition to being a crossroads for the Oregon Trail and the Mormon Trail, Casper Wyoming was also a major stop along the Pony Express Trail. Not only can Casper travelers still see the wagon ruts used by thousands of homesteaders, but they can also take a tour with Historic Trails West. Historic Trails West takes Casper travelers along for a ride on either a covered wagon or on horse back, following the wagon trails or Pony Express Trail, respectively. Along the way, travelers will garner information from guides regarding the history of the trails, the region and local wildlife. Trips last about 3 hours and are offered from May until October.

The city of Casper Wyoming is also a fun place to travel during the winter. Casper Mountain has a small ski area which is great fun for visiting families, though it is of course not nearly as big as the Jackson Hole ski area. Snowshoeing can also be enjoyed along the trails in the winter. During the summer and early fall, Casper Mountain becomes a playground for hikers, bikers and campers. A favorite hiking trail on the mountain is the Braille Trail, which combines great hiking with signs along the way which have information in Braille for visually impaired hikers.

Casper travelers hoping to plan a Casper fishing trip will enjoy the North Platte River. Travelers with a valid Wyoming State fishing license can fish for trout in the North Platte River year-round. The river travels directly through the city of Casper Wyoming, and the best fishing can be found just upriver from Casper. There are also a number of tours and day trips for outdoor enthusiasts from Casper.

As a major economic center and city of historical note, the museums of Casper are also great for visiting if you plan to be in town. The Fort Casper Museum focuses on information regarding the early fort days and the early history of the Old West in Wyoming. Fort Casper played an important role as an army post during the settlement of the western region of the United States.

Caspers hotels are generally easiest to find in town, and travelers can expect them to be busiest during the summer. Since Casper is located in the center of the city, travelers who want to travel to Cheyenne will need to head south. To the northwest, Cody, Jackson and Yellowstone National Park also offer additional attractions and even more excitement and activities for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.



Casper Wyoming is the second biggest city in Wyoming, after Cheyenne, and fe...

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