Cheyenne Hotels

Cheyenne Wyoming offers a wide variety of accommodations for its visitors. Cheyenne hotels are just as unique and exceptional as the capitol city itself. Cheyenne Wyoming hotel can be a nationally recognized chain such as Holiday Inn which offers exceptional service and accommodations at reasonable prices. On more than one occasion the Holiday Inn offers special rates on their rooms.

If you are looking for a more luxurious version of Cheyenne hotels, then try the Cheyenne Wyoming hotel named The Little America Hotel, an 80-acre oasis of luxury and service, surrounded by groomed grounds and a nine-hole golf course as well as an Olympic-sized outdoor swimming pool. 188 guest rooms include 37 inch flat panel televisions, new English wool carpeting and fresh new interiors. Also included is Carol's Cafe featuring gourmet coffee and pastries. This Cheyenne WY hotel will definitely give you all you are looking for in style and luxury.

For a more historical approach to a Cheyenne Wyoming hotel you can stay at the Plains Ghost Hotel. This is one of the Cheyenne hotels that has an interesting story attached to it (the ghost of a spurned wife and her new husband, who are both said to have died at the hotel). Although rumor has it that their ghosts can still be seen at the hotel, this is only one facet of the attraction to the Plains Hotel. Plains is also within walking distance of some of the best Cheyenne attractions, and driving distance from Snake River Canyon and the city of Casper, Wyoming where you can find great Casper hotels. The Plains Ghost Hotel is a Cheyenne WY hotel that offers 130 fully guest rooms and suites; the rooms are furnished in an "Old West" style. Though maintaining its historic heritage, the hotel offers all the modern amenities needed. This is an excellent choice among Cheyenne hotels for families with children, and a great stop for anyone on their way through town headed to Yellowstone National Park or the Buffalo Bill Museum, some of Wyoming's other great attractions.

When booking a Cheyenne Wyoming hotel in Cheyenne Wyoming, you can stay in a familiar hotel such as the Holiday Inn or a luxurious getaway such as the Little America Hotel. You can even get your "ghost" on at the Plains Ghost Hotel. No matter where you stay, note that Cheyenne hotels experience their busy season during the summer, so prices will be higher during then. To find Cheyenne hotels or even find deals on these hotels, you might try contacting a travel agent or searching online through an online travel company. The state of Wyoming is sparsely populated, so some tourist attractions are not as well advertised as they might be for more populated areas. By checking through specific travel resources, however, you should be able to find some great deals on a Cheyenne Wyoming hotel.

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