Cody Wyoming

Cody Wyoming is in the eastern region of Yellowstone National Park. The Cody Chamber of Commerce was Wyoming's first chamber of commerce and one of its founding members bears the town's name, Col. William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Buffalo Bill was one of the town's first and most famous entrepreneurs. Referred as the last true old west town, Cody Wyoming offers some attractions that might inspire and surprise you to get your cowboy on.

A main Cody Wyoming tourism attraction is Buffalo Bill Historical Center, this Cody Wyoming tourism center will bring the real Wild West into full view it consist of five individual museums. Along with great information about Buffalo Bill himself, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center gives information about this exciting period of time in American history as well as information about specific Wild West towns and immigrants heading west on the Oregon Trail.

The Whitney Gallery of Western Art is another of Cody's best attractions, and presents a collection of masterworks of the Old West, original paintings, sculptures and prints from the early 19th century to the present day. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Mondays, and continues to be the cultural center of Cody.

Another of the great museums in Cody is the Cody Firearms Museum is the largest and most important representative of American arms, as well as European arms, dating from the 16th century. For travelers who love history or want to check out some of the most important firearm pieces from throughout American history, the Cody Firearms Museum is a great choice. It will take between one and two hours to see the entire museum. Finally, the Plains Indian Museum ranks as one of the nation's finest Native American collections. The museum presents a varied tapestry of Plains Indian art and artifacts set in authentic Native American settings. These museums tell the history of Cody Wyoming in an educational and exciting way.

Yet another popular attraction in Cody are the Cody Trolley Tours, offering live narrators, historical photos, pass-around memorabilia and audio clips of the world-famous William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. These tours average 60-minutes, 22-miles, and the tour goes on while you ride inside a rustic oak interior red & green trolley. A Cody Trolley tour is the best and fastest way to gain an overview of all that Cody Wyoming has to offer.

Another feature offered by this one of a kind western town is a campground Cody Wyoming. The most visited campground Cody Wyoming is located in Yellowstone Park in vicinity of Devils Tower. As one of Wyoming's most popular campgrounds, travelers will need to be sure and arrive early to get a spot. Although reservations are not taken for most Cody campgrounds, it never hurts to arrive early; particularly on holiday weekends such as July 4th or Labor Day.

The second most visited campground Cody Wyoming is Shoshone. The Shoshone National Park is host to over 30 campgrounds along the North and South Forks of the Shoshone River and in the Crandall-Sunlight district of north of Cody. With so many campgrounds to choose from, travelers should always be able to find accommodation when visiting. Shoshone is most recognized for the excellent fishing available in the Shoshone River and its close proximity to Cody. If you plan a camping vacation to Shoshone, be sure to also leave some time for hiking through the park as it is full of beautiful hikes which are perfect for shorter day hikes.

Fees differ at state and federal areas, and all campers should be aware of the regulations, including food and trash storage and proper precautions with fire. These rules are there for the protection of the visitor and protection of the natural wonders around them. Cody Wyoming tourism has the potential to be a Wild West adventure and a natural experience all rolled into one town.

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