Gillette Wyoming

Gillette Wyoming is the best city a cowboy can get. Gillette Wyoming was founded in or around 1891, when a livestock company named and planned the town of Gillette and sold plots of land for farming homesteads. The city of Gillette was named after Edward Gillette because his survey saved the railroad money. Mr. Gillette was born December 14, 1854, in New Haven, Connecticut. He was an engineer and draftsman for the Rio Grande and Western Railway. With his ability to save his employer's money, they honored him by naming the town after him. A vacation Gillette Wyoming can prove to be an interesting and relaxing one.

A natural commodity that sets Gillette travel apart is the majestic 1.8-million-acre Thunder Basin National Grassland. The grassland is located near the Powder River Basin, between the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills. In the grasslands, you can experience Gillette travel by taking a hike, planning a hunting trip, or spending an afternoon fishing or bird and wildlife watching. Camping is also allowed, but there are no developed campgrounds. When camping outside of designated camping sites, be sure to always stay awake with live fires, and never leave a fire burning when you leave a site.

Black Hills Wyoming is situated in the vicinity of Gillette, WY, where travelers can find some great Gillette hotels focused on tourism. The film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" was shot at nearby Devils Tower Monument, due to the mystique and undeveloped feel that accompanies this wide-open landscape. Devils Monument and the forested area give way to the Black Hills. The Black Hills Wyoming was originally owned by the Sioux until 1877. The Forest and the hills are not named black because of the color of the stone or the soil, but because of the color of the distinctive ponderosa pine forests. The grandeur and tranquility make this a natural choice for hiking, picnicking and hunting.

During a winter vacation Gillette Wyoming snowmobile trails and snowshoeing activities run rampant. The Black Hills Wyoming has the largest concentration of whitetail deer and elk in the region. A vacation Gillette Wyoming is one of immense contrast and uniqueness Gillette travel can be a gateway to an adventure in nature, culture and a gateway to the past.

Whether you choose to stay in Gillette hotels or camp in the vicinity, Gillette is one of the best places to go in Wyoming for hunters, camping enthusiasts, and bird watchers. For a break from outdoor activities, travelers can head into town to eat in downtown Gillette or spend a night in one of the Gillette hotels. Try to book your stay in advance wherever possible.

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