Colter Bay Village, Moran

Colter Bay Village

11 Miles North Of Moran Junction

Tucked along the shores of Jackson Lake, the Colter Bay Village is just that, a whole village. Accommodations range from cabins to an RV park. Cabins do not have televisions, radios or telephones. There are two restaurants, launderette, showers, a grocery store, gift-apparel shops, corrals, service station and a full service marina. Colter Bay Village's rustic log cabins are duplex-style accommodations located in a wood area, just a short walk from Jackson Lake. Inside you will find simple yet comfortable accommodations that consist of a bedroom and private bathroom with shower. Some of these cabins even belonged to the original settlers. Open May 27 to September 25, 2005. In keeping with the National Park location, rooms do not have televisions or radios.