Rock Springs Wyoming

Rock Springs Wyoming is located in Sweetwater County. Rock Springs began its life as a coal-mining town. Unfortunately, Rocks Springs is most famous for the1885 Rocks Springs Massacre. American miners attacked their Chinese co-workers on September 2, 1885, which forced many to leave town. The Rock Springs Wyoming Massacre is one of the worst race riots in American history. Nowadays, Rock Springs is as culturally diverse as any other western town. There is a historical site dedicated to the fallen miners of Rock Springs Wyoming, with artifacts and memorabilia available so visitors can learn more about the massacre and the events that lead up to it and what was done in its aftermath.

This quaint western town got its name for the natural springs that used to have water that flowed through rocks located in the vicinity of Springs Drive. Another interesting fact about Rock Springs WY is that strolling downtown, notice the building at address 432 Main. This was once the butcher shop where an employee named Robert LeRoy Parker gained the "Butch" portion of his alias Butch Cassidy. When looking at one of the many hotels Rock Springs Wyoming you head there are many different kinds of establishments for you to choose from.

Wyoming ranches, like the Spring Creek Guest Ranch, offer its patrons peace and quiet with no television or access to the Green River and Flaming Gorge Recreation Area. In this area, you can enjoy fishing, camping, horseback riding and other activities as well.

However, if you prefer a Bed and Breakfast Rock Springs WY can accommodate you beautifully. Hotels Rock Springs Wyoming, like the exclusive Miners Repose Bed and Breakfast, this accommodation offers television, wireless internet and mini fridges to its patrons. Hotels Rock Spring Wyoming are named after some of Wyoming's most famous residents like the Cody Motel.

Also national chains like the Holiday Inn Rock Springs. The Inn offers amenities like swimming pool, pets allowed, fitness center, and broadband access; there's also a restaurant in Hotel.

Another interesting Hotels Rock Springs Wyoming hotel is the El Rancho Motel, its located on 9th street in the city center and allows pets. You'll also find the following amenities: kitchen, bicycling, air conditioning, and television. Depending upon the season prices vary so be sure to call in advance and see what each hotel has available. When going to Rock Springs you can experience nature and history all in one small town. Be sure to include the nearby attractions in your suggested itineraries.

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