Sheridan Wyoming

When heading to Sheridan Wyoming, you'll find that like most towns in that particular region, it has a heritage based in the old west. The city's motto is the "Best of the West." Sheridan travel is considered a jewel of the Wyoming travel experience. One of Sheridan Wyoming main attractions is its downtown region. With over 30 historical homes and Sheridan Wyoming landmarks, antiques, real old west memorabilia and old west styled housing and travel facilities.

Each summer, Sheridan plays host to the Wyoming Rodeo. One of the oldest in the country, the Wyoming Rodeo features a PRCA-sanctioned nationally-ranked rodeo. The Wyoming Rodeo is also preceded by a huge parade, a fun bed race and days of festivities. Featured events at the rodeo include bull and bronco riding for adults, as well as categories for children to show and ride horses. There are also activities for very young children (under 10 years old) to attempt to catch greased pigs or lasso small animals. For the children's activities, you must also sign up in advance (one week in advance for most children's events) with the Wyoming Rodeo staff. To participate in the professional bull and bronco riding events, you must be registered with the Wyoming Rodeo as a professional; this is an activity for tourists to watch but not join. Tickets for shows and races are available through the Wyoming Rodeo website or in person.

World Champion Indian Relay Races and Native American encampment are a part of this traditional event. The Wyoming rodeo begins a week long event in true western style with pancake breakfasts, parades, and interesting event called the Beds along the Big Horn.

Sheridan travel really gets exciting in the autumn and winter months with attractions like the Don King Days. The Don King Days are among the Old West's oldest rodeo events and polo tournaments, and are actually among the oldest in the United States. Polo is a game played atop a horse with a stick that looks something like a field hockey stick and a ball. Polo tournaments are popular in this area thanks to the high number of skilled horseback riders in Wyoming, as you must have excellent horseback riding skills to participate in polo. To sign up for the tournament as an amateur or as a professional, contact the Don King Days website online or visit their offices in Sheridan in person.

In Sheridan Wyoming, the lake trout begin their seasonal spawning in October. You can actually bring a quarter and get a handful of feed that is of a special diet to feed the fish in the settling pond. In the winter you can snowmobile, see a historical re-enactment or you can ski on of the many ski trails. The Sibley Lake Ski Trails has approximately 15 miles of groomed trails that average from 7700' to 8400' in elevations.

The Cutler Ski Trails has around 3 miles of packed trails that average from 8100' to 8600' in elevation. The Sibley Ski trail does not allow pets but the Cutler Ski trails lets you bring that special member of the family along for the fun. Sheridan, WY has had some interesting visitors to its snowy caps and Wild West themed town. The most notable was Queen Elizabeth the II of England; she toured Sheridan, WY in the mid 1980's as part of a tour around America.

The historical building The Sheridan Inn was built across from the old train station and was mark as, The Sheridan Inn called itself "The Finest Hotel between Chicago and San Francisco." The Sheridan Inn had one infamous owner--Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. He was known to frequent the Inn and audition acts for his Wild West Shows in the Inn's front yard. Sheridan offers its visitors a wide variety of experiences with historical monuments, old west rodeos, re-enactments, fish feeding, hiking, camping and ability to see the old west as it was all those years ago.

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