Snake River Canyon

French Trappers discovered the Snake River Canyon in the 1800's. They called it 'La maudite rivire enrage,' which means "The accursed mad river". More than likely, it was because trappers had a difficult time maneuvering around Snake River. Nowadays, Snake River is seen as a recreational a paradise. Snake River offers whitewater rafting, fishing and camping. Depending on what you are in the mood for you can do all or just one of these activities.

If fishing is your game, then Wyoming river trips to the areas known as Pritchard Creek to Sheep Gulch would be the destination to add to your itineraries. There are some of the most spectacular fishing in Wyoming. Snake River resides a unique cutthroat trout known as the Fine-spotted Snake River Cutthroat Trout, this fish is only indigenous to the Snake River.

However, being that the species is only found and bred in Snake River, it is recommend that on your Wyoming river trips you simply catch the fish and return it back to their natural habitat. If you are going to be fishing on your Wyoming river trips, remember to apply for your fishing license ahead of time, either online or by calling the Wyoming fish and game board. You'll need to provide proof of identity with a driver's license or some type of photo identification.

Another recreational pastime in Snake River Canyon is Snake River rafting. If you are thirsty for whitewater rafting, you have met your match. From Pritchard Creek to West Table Creek, you'll find the access point of the river; it is rather calm and is comprised of many channels, logjams that you will have to mitigate. The Snake River is one of the areas that most kayakers and recreational boaters love to plan their vacation.

However, if you're looking for more of a challenge in white water rafting, then head through to West Table onto Sheep Gulch. This is a narrower channel, with a faster flow and a series of rock ledges; this produces Class II and III rapids. On this class of river, you must to wear a helmet because of the added danger. White water rafting is exciting but the real fun comes when rafters see the Big Kahuna, a hole that's nonexistent at high water but later in the season becomes a 6-foot wall of water.

Snake River rafting can be an exciting adventure, however, remember to take all the necessary precautions while Snake River rafting in order to insure a safe and fantastic time. Whitewater float trips are available if you would like to experience the "Grand Canyon" of rivers without having to mitigate the water yourself. On these trips a lunch, jackets, boots, wet suit and guide are typically provided by the company. Depending on the company you book with, there are up to 12 departures in any given day.

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