Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, first established as a federally protected park in 1872, was the first park to reach this status in the United States. The park spans three states, stretching from Wyoming out into Idaho and Montana. The largest section of the park, however, is located within the state of Wyoming, and for this reason travel to this state is centered on the park attractions. Yellowstone is famous as a park which allows animals to run free throughout its hundreds of thousands of acres undisturbed. Bears, elk, bison, birds and more wander unhindered through this beautiful park, and travelers can drive or walk through the park at their own will.

In 1872 President Ulysses S Grant, "set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people. This park contained 2.2million acres of wilderness that was completely unspoiled beauty. However, within 20 years financial support for the park began to dwindle, because of the lack of the ability of the common man to see the glory of Yellowstone National Park. Eventually, through litigation and luck the railroads began to cater to the common tourist bringing money and visitors to a Yellowstone. With the invention and mass production of the automobile visitors to Yellowstone more than quadrupled. Making Yellowstone one the premiere destinations for family holidays in the 1940's and 1950's.In the 1970's attention strayed away from the History of Yellowstone National Park and became more about the conservation of Yellowstone Park itself.

Picnicking in Yellowstone National Park has long been a favorite activity for park goers. The Mount Washburn Trail has long been a favorite. This 2-mile walk through the upper forests eventually gives way to a sweeping view of the park below. At the top, visitors can unpack their lunch and enjoy the scenery while they munch. Be sure to pack out everything you pack in. The beauty of Yellowstone Park relies on the responsibility of its visitors, so never leave trash behind. The Lonestar Geyser is another great place to picnic. You can watch the Geyser or stroll around the surrounding area. Though there are favorite places to picnic, some of the fun of a trip to Yellowstone is exploring, so do not be afraid to pack your lunch and find your own favorite place to picnic.

Camping in Yellowstone is another popular activity and a nice way to avoid the cost of Yellowstone lodging or Cody hotels. Slough Creek Campground is a major favorite in the park and is found in the Lamar Valley. This is a good choice for travelers who want the most rugged experience available, as you will be close to some great fishing holes and close to an area filled with Yellowstone wildlife. For a more modern experience, try the Norris Campground. Here, you will be treated to toilets that flush, running water and showers. Rangers also make visits to Norris to offer information during the day and their own "fireside chats" at night. Both of these campgrounds fill up fast, so get in as early as you possibly can.

For nearby lodging, check out the Old Faithful Inn. This hotel fits beautifully into its surroundings as it is completely constructed of logs and is located within the park boundaries. The Lake Yellowstone Hotel is another great option for a hotel located within the park boundaries. This hotel is a modern get-away; an enormous stone fireplace compliments the classy décor and upscale surrounding at the Lake Yellowstone. You will also want to make reservations well in advance for these popular hotels due to their central location.

In 2004, the Yellowstone Inn celebrated its 100th anniversary with a year long celebration. Yellowstone vacations now require permits, license and registration. The number of emissions is limited from snowmobiles and vehicles, also patrons are restricted from certain areas of Yellowstone Park to maintain the parks integrity. Education on wildlife, ecosystem and history are vital when visiting Yellowstone. Not only can you appreciate all that Yellowstone has to offer, you can be aware of all the effort it takes to keep Yellowstone as the, "Grand Canyon of all Parks".

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