Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is located in a historical area of Yellowstone National Park that was once the headquarters for the park itself. It contains some of the area’s oldest structures, which date to the late 1800s when the U.S. Army managed Yellowstone.

Fort Yellowstone is a popular attraction, so if you’re especially interested in the history of Yellowstone, this hotel is an excellent place to be. While staying at the hotel near Mammoth Hot Springs, be sure to stop by the Visitor's Center where you can explore the wildlife museum, see a film about the park's history, and check out the historical exhibits.

Lodging in Yellowstone adheres closely to the rustic, natural environment of the park, and while you will find good-quality outstanding accommodations at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, the hotel is nonsmoking and internet connections are not available. In keeping with this theme, any other hotel near Mammoth Hot Springs follows the same guidelines when it comes to enjoying the natural beauty of the park.

At Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, guests have a choice of staying in the main hotel, or you may rent a private cabin located within easy access to the hotel restaurant and lobby. Pets are allowed in cabin accommodations, and the hotel itself is wheelchair accessible.

For guests’ convenience, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel provides a relaxing reading and relaxing area in the map room, an espresso lounge, general store, service station, ATM, clinic, general store, full-service restaurant, and a smaller restaurant for quick snacks.

There are different options for rooms at Mammoth. Mid-range rooms include two double beds, a telephone, and a shower or tub, while there are also full suites available. These offer a separate bedroom, sitting room, two queen-size beds, and cable TV.

Budget rooms within the main hotel include two double beds, a phone, sink, private shower, and shared bathroom facilities. Budget cabins contain a sink, two double beds, private showers, and shared bathrooms, while frontier cabins are equipped with two double beds or one queen-size bed and full bathroom facilities. Neither cabin choice has phone service.

Lodging in Yellowstone is open for both the summer and winter seasons when guests can take advantage of all the activities the park has to offer, from hiking to snowshoeing. Near the hotel in Mammoth Hot Springs, you can also visit the bubbling limestone Mammoth Terraces and Fort Yellowstone with a self-guided interpretive tour. Bus tours are available through the hotel as are horseback riding, hiking adventures, and wildlife observation. For those interested in lodging in Yellowstone during the winter months, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel has ski and snowshoe rentals available for guests.

In addition, the scenery in this part of Yellowstone is stunning. Several day-hiking trails in various levels of difficulty are found around Mammoth and provide magnificent vistas of the Yellowstone River Valley, plateaus, mountain ranges, waterfalls, meadows, and lush forests. These include Bunsen Peak Trail, Lava Creek Trail, Osprey Falls Trail, Blacktail Deer Creek-Yellowstone River Trail, and Wraith Falls.

Whether you take a guided tour, go horseback riding, hike, or drive your own vehicle, the wildlife at Yellowstone is abundant and easy to see. Many species are frequently spotted, including elk, moose, and bighorn sheep, and you might occasionally see grizzly bears, wolves, or black bears.

For sightseeing in other areas of Yellowstone, the hotel near Mammoth Hot Springs is conveniently located just five miles from the north entrance of the park and 49 miles from the nearest airport, which is in Cody, Wyoming. It’s easiest to reach the park by car from the airport, and rentals are available on-site.

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