Old Faithful Geyser

No trip to Yellowstone National Park would be complete without a journey to see the one and only Old Faithful Geyser. The Old Faithful Visitor Center was constructed in order to accommodate the vast amount of tourist longing to have a gander at The Old Faithful Geyser. It's located around 200 yards from Old Faithful Yellowstone.

The Old Faithful Inn and the Old Faithful Lodge are parallel to the famous Yellowstone Geyser. A 100-seat auditorium provides the setting for daily showings of Yellowstone Revealed; a 14-minute film that reveals newly discovered life forms at Yellowstone Park. The Old Faithful Lodge is currently owned and operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts. The Old Faithful Lodge contains a one-story main lodge and huge stone pillars and wood logs, also included in a lobby and food court (with cafeteria and bakery), which offer immaculate views of The Old Faithful Geyser. However, in order to maintain the serenity of Yellowstone, televisions, radios, air conditioning, and Internet hook-ups are not available. Also available are limited number of wheelchair accessible accommodations. Old Faithful Lodge Cabins are open May 18 - September 30.

Other than Old Faithful Yellowstone, there are a few more geysers that you can watch erupt. Beehive, Castle, Grand, Jet and Lion Geyser are a just a few of the other Yellowstone Geysers that reside inside the Park other than Old Faithful Yellowstone.

The Castle Geyser is the oldest Yellowstone Geyser in the park estimated by geologists to be between 5,000 to 15,000 years old. What makes this one unique is its shape--a unique cone shape that shoots water almost 90 feet into the air.

The Grand Geyser is the tallest of the Yellowstone Geysers in the park, Grand's interval is usually around 8-12 hours, and its height about 150-180 feet and its duration is about 10-12 minutes. However, the Beehive is in direct vicinity of Old Faithful. It is located in what is referred to as the Upper Basin making its eruptions unpredictable and spectacular. The Lion is the main feature of the Lion Geyser Complex. This Yellowstone geyser's eruptions reach heights of 50 feet, but in 1988 an eruption reached 98 feet.

Jet Geyser is a cousin of a fountain geyser, action occurs most frequently when a fountain is erupting. Jet erupts from at least 6 different vents, with the central one reaching heights of 20 feet. When going to stay at the Old Faithful Lodge you can see the most famous geyser in the world erupt on a daily basis. However, don't forget to visit the other spectacular and unique geysers Yellowstone has to offer. Yellowstone can easily become a full day trip and may require Yellowstone accommodations. So, be sure to plan your itineraries accordingly.

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