Old Faithful Facts

There are plenty of interesting Old Faithful facts to consider. For starters, this famous attraction in Yellowstone National Park is the most predictable geyser that can be found anywhere on the planet, which makes it the most famous of the geysers in Yellowstone. These days, the average time between eruptions is 92 minutes, though it should be noted that visitors often have to wait longer than that to see an eruption–sometimes up to two hours.

Old Faithful isn’t the largest geyser that can be found within the Yellowstone National Park boundaries. It is definitely the most famous, however. Its name was coined by members of the Washburn Expedition back in 1870, and it reflects the consistent nature of the geyser’s eruptions. Interesting to note is the fact that not long after Yellowstone National Park was officially established in 1872, a manual for tourists brought to light the fact that Old Faithful often served as a laundry of sorts. Between eruptions, people were known to deposit dirty clothes into the geyser’s crater, and once the clothes were ejected, they came out quite clean.

In general, the Old Faithful eruption intervals range somewhere between 35 minutes and two hours. On average, there are between 21 and 23 per day, while the average height of the eruptions is approximately 145 feet. The highest eruption height to ever be recorded was 185 feet. Typically, an Old Faithful eruption lasts between a minute-and-a-half to five minutes, and the amount of heated water that is expelled into the sky is usually between 4,000 and 8,000 gallons. An Old Faithful Visitor Education Center can be found in Yellowstone National Park. In addition to providing general info on the geyser, it offers an Old Faithful schedule to help tourists plan their viewing sessions.

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