Argentina possesses amazing geographic diversity, which makes it the perfect adventure for anyone. This large country is known as the Land of Six Continents and is the eighth largest country in the world. A total of 39,537,943 people call Argentina their home. The Andean culture, lush rainforests, deserts, majestic mountains, and looming glaciers create an environment unlike any other and vacationers will return home with exotic tales of traveling in Argentina.

Nature lovers will find northern Argentina appealing, where they will become immersed in the lush, rich rainforest, while they sit in awe of the Iguazu Falls. If the sounds of nature are not your idea of vacation, then maybe the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires is. In this bustling metropolis, one will walk cobblestone streets alongside European architecture passing by shops, opera houses, churches, and vibrant tango bars. Try the Teatro Colon for a night of world-class opera. For true adventurers, travel to southern Argentina to a remote area named Patagonia. This is a mountaineer's playground, because it is covered with mountains reaching to the highest points of the sky, clear blue lakes, and tremendous glaciers inviting skiers and snowboarders. Take a trip to Perito Moreno Glacier, or trek through part of the Argentina Andes.

While you are in the lush rainforest, you may want to seek shelter from rain and wild animals. Hotel Solar de la Plaza can provide all the comforts of home only a few steps from a exotic rainforest. Hotel Dique is great place to rest your feet. It is a little more intimate since it only has 28 rooms. Or Hotel Del Sol is an ideal place if your wallet has grown thin with your adventures.

In Buenos Aires, you can live like a king at Claridge Hotel a four-star resort tucked away downtown making it easy to walk to and from your desired destination. The Buenos Aires Wilton is perfect if you want to shop for those hidden Argentina treasures for loved ones back home. If you are looking to be apart of the European architecture, then try Hyde Park. You will get the chance to experience the architecture first hand, as it becomes your home away from home.

Find that perfect hideaway in Patagonia, while you are trying to explore the southern remote parts of this vast country. Eolo is a great place that is close to the mountains, and provides some amazing scenic views. Estancia Helsingfor is a quaint romantic lodge. And while you are huddled away together, you can experience the views and wilderness fresh smells.

Traveling Argentina is amazing for all vacationers. Strike up a conversation with a local Argentinian, and hear the wonderful stories of their culture and homeland. The adventure is waiting and it is just a hemisphere away. Just don't forget your passport.

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