Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains is a natural playground for anyone with an interest in the outdoors and the equipment for fun, satisfying and successful journeys. Enjoy a number of Andes trekking trips into to these massive mountains, and take in the splendor of one of Mother Nature's finest work. Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at what you have climbed or hiked. At the summit your muscles may be aching, but you mind will be as free as a bird.

There are numerous Andes adventure tours you can join to fully appreciate this marvelous country. Try Andes Cross, where they offer eleven-day Andes trekking tour through such terrain as forest, canyons and snow to comfortable mountain lodges and tents. They trek to the base of Mount Tronador, then off to the border of Chile. While on the way to Chile, you will surround Mount Tronador and bump into a few of its looming glaciers. Prices for this tour will vary depending how many friends you bring along, and what season you decide to go on an Andes adventure tour.

Explore the center of the beast on a guided tour through the Central Andes particularly the areas around Mercedario and the Cordon Ansilta. This is a magnificent spot for short and long Andes trekking. Cordon Ansilta is pristine area that has scattered archaeological sites and artifacts to see that will peak your historical interest, and beautiful waterfalls and lagoons that are sure to leave lasting impressions.

Take a trip with San Juan Adventures via horseback to Valle del Colorado. This winds through one of the most brilliant valleys in the entire Andes mountain range. And the best part about it is the horse does all the work leaving you with plenty of energy when you arrive at Mecedairo base camp or Pirca de Polacos. And previous riding experience is not a prerequisite. The Andes adventure tour guides will be more than willing to help. Also San Juan Adventures offers the opportunity to choose your own guiding tour. You choose the destination and they will organize the permits required for you.

Andes Adventures tours offers a climbing expedition ascending Mount Aconcagua. It begins at Argentina's most famous wine destination named Mendoza, and features eighteen to twenty days of Andes trekking and Andes climbing.

There are plenty of Andes climbing destinations that need your attention. The weather is great, rock friction is excellent and is a great place for all skill levels. Some Andes climbing routes to consider are Fitzroy, Cerro Torre, The Torres del Paine, Cuernos del Paine, Fortaleza and Escudo. The best time of the year to go Andes climbing is during the middle of summer—January and February. There are hundreds of routes to take considering that this is a massive mountain range. You may want to go Andes climbing or trekking up El Muerto, Incahuasi, Toro, Tres Cruces, which are the types of mountains used to build up stamina for the Himalayas. These mountains range from twenty thousand feet to twenty-two thousand feet in height.

The Andes is truly an awesome place to plan an expedition that is sure to leave you speechless. The Andes is home to some of the tallest mountains in the world. The challenge has been set, and now it is your turn to make the trip a true Andes adventure tour. This is a playground for all nature enthusiasts.

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