Argentina Golf Courses

Since Argentina recuperated economically, an unmistakable revival in the tourist sector has been evident. Many new options for dining and accommodation have been, and are still, springing up providing modern travelers with a bevy of affordable choices. Captivating cities, far-reaching plains, glistening glaciers and lush, tropical jungles afford a large collection of options for things to do. Now growing more in popularity and appealing to an enormous number of tourists are golf vacations to Argentina. Praiseworthy scenery defines Argentina golf courses with geographical features creating incredulous environments golfers can’t resist. From the plains to the mountains, there are more courses for golf in Argentina than anywhere else in South America.

The Europeans first introduced golf in Argentina in the later part of the nineteenth century. With a vast number of resorts on the rise, more and more of them encapsulated golf into their facilities. Tourists planning golf vacations to Argentina should note that the seasons are opposite to seasons in the northern hemisphere and weather is an important factor when it comes to playing golf. December through March is summer, and also peak season for travel in Argentina. During this time you’ll want to book ahead to ensure tee times are set. June through October is the winter season and though golf is possible, the weather will not always cooperate.

There are several excellent regions ideal for Argentina golf holidays. When looking for an assortment of courses to choose from, the regions to look at are Bariloche east of Puerto Madryn and Buenos Aires. While most tourist destinations in Argentina offer golf facilities, both Buenos Aires and Bariloche provide the most exceptional choices for avid golfers. Though a step below the aforementioned, Tierra del Fuego and Iguazu are two other terrific choices when looking for Argentina golf courses to play.

There are several ways to arrange playing on Argentina golf courses. If you want to eat, sleep and breath golf during your holiday, think about flying to a few different destinations to try several distinct courses. Most major flights to Argentina fly into the capital of Buenos Aires. From Buenos Aires, there are many affordable choices for flying nationally. Flights from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls can be found fairly inexpensively, as can flights from Buenos Aires to Patagonia where a trip to Tierra del Fuego is easily arranged. If interrupting precious golf time with flights isn’t your style, choosing one of the excellent golf resorts in Argentina to stay at can be equally gratifying.

Argentina golf resorts are typically flanked by incredibly beautiful surroundings like majestic deserts, towering mountains and vast oceans. Golf packages often include many exclusive amenities such as transportation to and from the course, or courses, if necessary, pro shop bargains and discounts, golf lessons and equipment rental. Even if you’re not traveling on a vacation package, most courses offer easy access to many services and facilities. Resorts are often well known for providing a number of luxurious amenities for relaxing after the game like elegant clubhouses, grand spas, swimming pools, fine dining restaurants and high class smoke shops for an all-encompassing and truly relaxing vacation.

Some of the top Argentina golf courses to note in Buenos Aires are the very challenging Los Pingüinos Country Club, the famous Jockey Club and Olivos Golf Club, home of the annual Masters Cup. Choices in Patagonia golf courses definitely worth exploring include Ushuaia Golf Club and sublimely picturesque Llao Llao Resort & Golf. The beautiful, naturally landscaped Salta Polo Club, and the Jockey Club de Tucuman skirting the Cerro San Javier, are two of the best Argentina golf courses to choose from in the northern region. It’s evident that no matter what area you travel to, you’ll be spoiled with choices. Golf in Argentina is one of the most exciting and fast-rising outdoor sports taking top spot on many holiday rosters.

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